GM Week 2015

UPDATE: R&E releases Sanction 9 update: Han and Etzine no longer disqualified from GM Week 2015 elections

Update (5:27 pm, April 18)

Today, the Rules and Elections Committee has released a revision to their original Sanction 9. In this revision, R&E state that upon further evidence brought to them during the appeals process, they could not prove that “A Stronger Union” campaigned as a party after Sanction 8. As a result, they have decided to remove all sanctions applied to Han and Etzine. However, they find that Sudano is in violation of the GM Handbook honor code and leave the sanctions of sanction 9 applicable. Their revision can be found on Flagship Docs.

Original Story

The Rules and Elections Committee has released the following sanction regarding the GM Week 2015 elections:

Referencing Sanction 8 issued during Grand Marshal Week 2015 Elections, which barred the party, A Stronger Union, from actively campaigning as a party,

In light of evidence brought to the Rules and Elections Committee by members of the Union, which proved A Stronger Union undertook actions on April 16, 2015, after the release of Sanction 8, which constituted actively campaigning as a party,

Recognizing that the purchased campaign materials involved in this incident were not recorded on their party expense forms,

Due to the failure of the officers of the A Stronger Union party to follow the rules in the Grand Marshal Week 2015 Election Handbook and Sanction 8, the following candidates are disqualified and barred from the Grand Marshal Week 2015 Elections:

Andrew Sudano, President

Michael Han, Co-President

Justin Etzine, Party Manager

This does not invalidate the races in which these candidates were involved.

Approved: 6-0-1

Members Present: Paul Ilori (Chair), Michael Hoherchak, Anthony Barbieri, Jacob Derechin, Paul Blejwas, Melanie Todis, Tim Breen, Victoria Phan.