E-Board hears juggling, model railroad proposals

Opening at 8 pm in Union 3606, the March 11 Executive Board meeting consisted of two club proposals, followed by closed discussion. First, RPI Juggling Club requested a re-appropriation of $200 within their active budget to allow for equipment procurement. The Rensselaer Model Railroad Society then requested a $5,000 grant to create an additional entrance on Davison Hall to allow access to the club’s operating area in Davison’s basement.

The first motion of the evening was presented by Alison Lanzi ’15, president of the RPI Juggling Club. The proposal requested a transfer of $200 from the club’s performances on campus budget line to the replacing faulty and old equipment line, which previously consisted of $100, in order to purchase additional juggling equipment. The primary reason Lanzi cited for needing new equipment was a sharp increase in both membership and member ability, as there is a direct correlation from juggling skill to number of items juggled.

Additionally, Andrew Sudano ’17, the club’s representative on the E-Board, mentioned that the existing equipment is aging and will begin to present a health and safety risk when used. Following a slight rewording to prevent ambiguity, the motion passed unanimously with a vote of 12-0-0. After, Steven Allard, director of the Mueller Center, programs, and club sports, mentioned that transfer requests not exceeding $500 can be decided by the President of the Union without requiring a vote by the E-Board.

After the completion of discussion on the juggling club’s proposal, the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society, presented by graduate student Joshua Plottel, Aaron Brooks ’16, and Christopher Vigorito ’18, brought forth a proposal believed to be vital for the continued existence of the club. The extensive display maintained by Model Railroad exists in the basement of Davison Hall. As a result of increased security measures in the residence halls at the end of last semester in which non-residents were barred from entering dorms which they did not reside in, Model Railroad lost the ability to access and display their work.

After working with Vice President for Administration Claude Rounds and Allard, the solution reached was to install a new exterior door on Davison Hall entering into the northwest stairwell. A card reader will exclusively allow for club members to enter and exit their club area through the stairwell. An alarmed crash bar will allow for emergency exit from the existing door, as well as a similar capacity installed on the southern exit from the club space. Model Railroad was granted $10,000 from administrative budgets to fund this project, conditional on a $5,000 grant from the E-Board. Additional to allowing the club access to their facility, the construction of the door was touted to greatly increase visibility of the club and its facility to the student body, potentially increasing membership and appreciation of the display. The motion before the E-Board was to appropriate $5,000 from the then-$21,171 club contingencies fund toward the completion of this project. The motion passed 12-0-0.

Following the vote on the railroad proposal, President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15 declared the remainder of the meeting as closed, which required all non-members of the E-Board to leave the meeting. No motions were passed following the closure of the meeting.