R&E approved to purchase new voting scanners

This week’s Renssealer Union Executive Board meeting had three proposals. The proposals were from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Student Senate, The Polytechnic, and RPIgnite. President of the Union, Erin Amarello ’15, presided over the meeting.

A committee from the Senate asked the E-board to approve the purchase of nine electronic scanners that would assist in taking and tallying votes during Grand Marshal week. Currently, paper ballots are used. A Scantron system is used to tally the votes. An electronic scanner would use an RPI ID. When an ID is swiped it pulls up the appropriate voting ballot on the computer. Amarello ’15 asked how the voting will be secret. Paul llori ’17 replied saying that they have several ideas to keep it secure. Each scanner will be lined up to its own computer and all the data from the voting system will not be held on the computer. The Eboard approved in a 13-0-0 vote the purchase of nine electronic scanners for $549.

The Polytechnic was next on the E-board’s agenda. The Polytechnic asked the E-board to approve a food budget for this semester. The budget would be $60 each Tuesday night. This would be coming from The Polytechnic’s profits, not the contingency budget. In a 12-0-1 motion, the E-board approved The Polytechnic to spend money from their profits for closing night food.

Last on the E-Board’s agenda was RPIgnite. RPIgnite came to ask for funding to front money for hats. These hats are intended for fans and to help spread RPIgnite’s name. RPIgnite will be playing at a hockey game and the upcoming Winter Carnival. The purpose of selling hats is more for branding rather than profit. RPIgnite will also be playing at basketball games this weekend. In a 13-0-0 motion, the E-Board approved the purchasing of hats for $382 with $125 of the $382 out of their budget.

The rest of the E-Board meeting dealt with Senate, President of the Union, and Director reports.