Incident blotter: Slips and falls; marijuana found in Barton

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

February 3, 2015

• Carnegie Building

Injury: Reporting person requested a medical report be taken for their slipping and falling injury from January 30, as it caused minor knee pain.

• Blitman Residence Commons

Sprinklers: Caller reported that there was an unknown odor in the kitchen area. It appeared that water had leaked onto electrical wires on the east side of the back wall. Water was coming from a sprinkler head in the storage room. Physical Plant and the dean on duty were notified. A repair crew was dispatched, and it was determined that no damage was caused. The sprinkler seemingly popped due to cold temperature within the storage room. The affected sprinkler head was scheduled to be replaced.

• Commons Dining Hall

Injury: Subject believed to have broken an ankle after slipping on water in the taped off area. The subject was conscious, alert, and breathing normally following the incident. The patient was transported to the Samaritan Hospital by RPI Ambulance..

February 4, 2015

• Department of Public Safety

Suspicious Vehicle: Several individuals got out of a vehicle from the rear lot and were walking towards the foot bridge. An officer stopped them and requested to see their Student IDs. None of them had a student ID and each were given verbal trespass warnings.

February 7, 2015

• Polytechnic Apartments

Intoxication: Caller stated that two individuals walked into Polytech. One was highly intoxicated and vomited in the hallway. It was unclear whether or not the other individual was a resident. The Department of Environmental and Site Services was contacted for cleanup and an ambulance was called for both individuals. Medical reports were filed.

•Stacwyck Apartments

Fire Alarm: Troy Fire Department was dispatched to Wiltsie for an alarm caused by burnt popcorn. The alarm was reset by TFD.

February 8, 2015

• Parking Garage

Criminal Mischief: While completing a patrol of the main campus, a Public Safety officer observed that the parking gate on College Avenue was damaged. The officer stated that the bar was broken in half and the gate would not open. Upon conducting a video review, Public Safety determined that three subjects entered the area of the parking gate. One subject continued to walk past the gate, while the other two subjects lifted it up and snapped it in half. After snapping it in half, the two subjects dropped the gate and ran in the direction of the main campus. The officer completed a report for criminal mischief.

• Crockett Hall

Illness: A medical call for Crockett Hall was made for a subject with a fever. Both Public Safety and RPI Ambulance were dispatched. The subject was transported to Samaritan Hospital, and a medical report was filed. The dean on duty was notified.

February 9, 2015

• Service Building

Motor Vehicle Accident: Reporting person stated that a Rensselaer-owned plow truck struck a parked Rensselaer-owned vehicle. A motor vehicle accident report was filed.

• Barton Hall

Drug Possession: A resident assistant stated that, while conducting health and safety residential inspections, a bag of what appeared to be marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found. The items were found in an unused dresser drawer of the room. An officer was dispatched for investigation, and the items were brought back to Public Safety. Photos were taken and the on call dean was notified. Depositions were taken and a report was filed.

February 10, 2015

• Barton Hall

Illness: A subject was found in the third floor bathroom feeling ill. The subject was transported to Samaritan Hospital by RPI Ambulance. Environmental and Site Services was notified and a medical report was filed.