Student Life

Pipe burst closes Commons

THE ROOF OF COMMONS DINING HALL BEGINS SEEPING liquid before partially collapsing Tuesday afternoon.

Lunchtime patrons to Commons Dining Hall were evacuated following a situation that occurred the afternoon of Tuesday February, 3. Witnesses reported seeing an unidentified fluid seeping from the ceiling. Dining hall employees evacuated the hall and the fire alarm went off shortly thereafter.

As the event unfolded, worried students took to various social media services to inquire about the situation. Students were concerned about the status of the glider that hangs from the roof of Commons.

Witnesses were confused by what had occurred. “It was like something from a horror movie. All [of] this black water started falling from the ceiling, and, slowly, more and more the ceiling started to collapse,” said Robert Russo ’17. According to Stefan Steenstrup ’18, the black liquid “started at one of the circle things in the ceiling, [and] then, it started coming through the paneling in the ceiling and [continued] spreading.”

The Rensselaer Polytechnic reached out to the Department of Public Safety for comment; however, the supervisor on duty was unaware that a situation had occurred. Additionally, we attempted to reach out to Department of Environmental and Site Services for comment, but the office had already closed for the day.

Reporters attempted to visit the site during the scheduled time for late night dining, but found that the service had been cancelled as workers were working on correcting the issue. A Sodexo employee confirmed that the dining hall is expected to reopen today. Furthermore, the glider is still intact; however, the employee reported that “it is dangling.”

Currently, it is unclear what liquid was leaking from the ceiling, as nobody was present to comment on the details. The amount of damage caused by the incident is currently unknown.