New J-Board members approved, Senate survey discussed

Grand Marshal Kyle Keraga ’15 opened this week’s senate meeting with the Judicial Board appointments. Following the appointments, two presentations were shown and discussed. Then the meeting followed with committee and constituent reports and concluded with the Grand Marshal report.

The J-Board appointments fell under the legislation section of the meeting. The Senate approved, in a 19-0-1 motion, Anthony Barbieri ’15, a co-terminal student, as Judicial Board chairman. Six regular members of the J-Board were also approved by the Senate. Orlando Hernandez ’15, Chris Notarnicola ’15, Zach Minster ’17, Nathan James ’16, Spencer Pilcher ‘15, graduate student Tim Krentz were the six members approved. The Senate also approved five alternates: Emily Philips ’17, Trishala Chaudhary ’18, Sumit Munshi ’17, Ian II Shin ’16, and Harrison Leinweber ’18. Following these twelve approved appointments, the Senate moved to presentations.

The first presentation was conducted by graduate student Jen Wilcox who reported the Senate Survey Results. The survey was developed by the senate and associated committees. Receiving over 800 student responses, some key topics of the survey included food quality, iced tea preference, academic affairs, residence life, RPI FIXX, and other topics. The Senate will be publishing their findings in the upcoming weeks. The survey gift card winner will also be announced later.

The next presentation was about RPI’s online petition Service. Gabe Perez ’16, the Senate CIO, presented RPI’s online petition service, a project that RPI and Rochester Institute of Technology are collaborating together on. The petition service will allow students to put up a petition, receive signatures and track its progress; it’s another way for the Senate to receive student petitions. In order to create a petition, you must be an RPI student with a valid RCS ID. A release date has not yet been set.