Graduate Council discusses Senate, E-Board, Task force

On Tuesday, October 21, the Graduate Council met to discuss upcoming events and relevant issues to the graduate student body. Graduate Council President Kristen Lee presided over the meeting.

The meeting started with brief updates on organizational matters, along with an update on the Executive Board from Graduate E-Board Representative Courtney Lang. Lee then discussed the Student Senate’s motions from the previous night. One of the motions, which did not pass, was on separation of power. The motion stated that a student would only be able to be on one of the following: Student Senate, E-Board, or the Judicial Board. Lee noted that many members of the Graduate Council are also Senators, due to their low numbers. While the current E-Board representative is not a member of the Graduate Council, the Graduate Council may want their E-Board representative to come from their council in the future. Graduate Student Jennifer Wilcox noted that checks and balances already exist. Lee noted that this was a good year in terms of numbers for the Graduate Council, with only one Senate spot not filled.

Next on the agenda was the E-Board Task Force. This task force, headed by graduate student Chaz Goodwine ’13, is examining the budgets of the Undergraduate Class Councils and the Graduate Council. Currently, there is no formal oversight –class councils can choose to spend their money as they wish. Graduate Council Vice President Mike Caiola said that Graduate Council is separate from the class councils and should be excluded from the task force. Lee noted that if a policy is written and the Graduate Council is included, this could be problematic; the Graduate Council operates under a different structure from the Class Councils. For example, the Graduate Council does not give class gifts. Lang said she felt that it would be fair for the Graduate Council to be excluded, noting that Goodwine was chosen because President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15 wanted a graduate student to be in charge as they would be unbiased.

Lastly, the Graduate Council discussed upcoming events: the annual wine and cheese event, as well as a possible fall event. No final plans have been made yet.