Clubs submit proposals for reallocation of funds

CANstruction granted starting budget,

RPI’S canSTRUCTION PRESENTS a proposal to the E-Board for a starter budget of $250 plus 100 color copies. Their proposal was accepted by the Executive Board.

In last week’s Executive Board meeting, President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15 was not present. Presiding over the meeting in her place was Erica Hutchins ’15. On the agenda were meetings with Ski and Snowboard Club, The Poly, and CANstruction.

President of the Ski and Snowboard Club Alec Creteau ’15 and treasurer Joshua Rosenfeld ’16, came to the E-Board with a proposal to take 55 people for an overnight ski and snowboard trip. In addition, they were looking to reallocate funds so they could pay for the trip. According to Rosenfeld, there was definite interest, and they need at least sixteen people to make the trip work. In a 12-0-0 motion, the Union E-Board approved the reallocation of funds for the purpose of an overnight trip.

After the Ski and Snowboard Club, The Poly came to the E-Board to ask for reallocation of funds from their Holiday Reception and Reception for Advertisers to their regular reception fund. Every Tuesday, The Poly works for 12 hours in order to make the paper ready for the printers. Since The Poly works through dinner, they usually buy pizza so members can continue to work. The money for the pizza would come from advertising money made by The Poly; The Poly was requesting for a reallocation of funds so they can access the money. In a motion passed by the E-Board, the E-Board gave The Poly $35 to their reception fund and allowed The Poly to withdraw from it; they did not allow for reallocating of funds.

Last to meet with the E-Board was CANstruction. CANstruction is a fundraising event where architecture and engineering teams compete against each other to build structures using only cans. The cans and funds are then donated to food pantries. CANstruction was looking for funding in order to pay for gas money, the competition, fundraising, and the building process. With 15 active members, CANstruction has been highly successful in past years, winning Best Use of Labels Award in 2012 and Structural Ingenuity Award in 2013. In a 12-0-0 motion, CANstruction was approved as a Union funded club with a starting budget of $250. This concluded the E-Board meeting.