Post office considered; RPIgnite receives startup funding

E-Board looks into potential post office replacements, RPI Antislavery does not receive Union funding

President of the Union, Erin Amarello ’15, began this week’s Executive Board meeting by welcoming graduate student Courtney Lang, the new graduate student representative and appointing Andrew Sudano ’17 as the representative for the Juggling Club. Afterwards, the board discussed solutions to the post office that used to be in the games room, funding for two clubs, and ended with the director’s report.

In the summer of 2013, there was a post office in the games room that was removed due to lack of funding. The post office was unable to support itself, causing the Rensselaer Union to lose money. As a result, there is currently no post office in the Union and students need to go into Troy to mail out packages or pay for their package online, print a label, and go to Commons Dining Hall to send out packages. It was proposed to the E-Board that a postal kiosk could be put in place instead. This on campus self-service kiosk would be more convenient and easier than the current solution of either printing out a label and going to Commons, or travelling to Troy to send packages and letters. The kiosk would have stamps and packages available and students could drop off packages at the kiosk. According to Shoshana Rubinstein ’16, students expressed interest in wanting the post office back. While a postal kiosk would be convenient, the E-Board felt that it was too expensive to justify the convenience, and instead, the money should go to other things. However, no motion on the matter was passed.

Next on the agenda was RPIgnite looking for funding. This new club was started last year. The club consists of drummers, but they play with buckets and cans instead of drums. RPIgnite was looking for funding in order to buy more sticks and practice pads for all the new members. A 12-0-0 motion was approved to allow RPIgnite to be a funded Rensselaer Union club with a starting budget of $125.

After RPIgnite, RPI Antislavery, a club focused on charity and bringing awareness to slavery in the world, was also looking for funding in order to raise awareness of the club by purchasing better supplies to make signs and posters. They have done tabling at Earth Fest and during Grand Marshal week last year, they stood for 24 hours in a stand for freedom. The E-Board made no motion on this matter.

The meeting concluded with the director’s report reminding the E-Board to sign up for the Student Officer Summit.