PSS: has anybody seen the snitch?

We got to experience quidditch firsthand on the field. RPI has its own club for quidditch as well as a team. Originating from Harry Potter , quidditch has become really popular. This game has become so serious that there is a 118­-page rulebook associated with it. The International Quidditch Association has been governing the sport for quite a while now and encourages young people to make the sport from a work of fiction come alive. There are now more than 300 schools participating in this game. Students get pretty competitive when it comes to quidditch, no less than soccer or football. During NRB week, students held a game on Renwyck Field. They arranged themselves into four teams based on the different houses in the Harry Potter series. Slytherin and Ravenclaw sat on the sidelines while Hufflepuff and Gryffindor played the first game. Hufflepuff scored the first goal. Most, if not all the students, were Harry Potter fans. Sam Slavitt ’18 said his favorite house was Ravenclaw, as he considered the house to consist of the smart ones. Avery Calhiun ’18 said, “I’m a Slytherin!” She says her qualities to be ambitious as well as aggressive on the field are why she was put into this house. It was clear students were having fun while being competitive as well. The RPI quidditch club seems to be very inviting, regardless of whether one knows the game or not. The game has an actual team that competes with other schools, but the club also allows students to join for fun.