R&E releases GM Week 2014 election results

Keraga wins by over 600 votes; 65 percent of undergraduates vote in record turnout

NEWLY ELECTED GRAND MARSHAL KYLE KERAGA ’15 GIVES his acceptance speech. Keraga is the 149th Grand Marshal.

On Monday, April 14, the Student Senate’s Rules and Elections Committee released the results for most of the positions for this year’s Grand Marshal Week elections. Kyle Keraga ’15 was elected 149th Grand Marshal, while Erin Amarello ’15 becomes our 125th President of the Union. Turn-out was at record levels, with a little over 60 percent of the student body voting in the elections.

Keraga received 1992 votes, while opponent Gavin Noritsky ’16 received 1311 votes. Amarello was ruled the winner of the PU election after her opponent Frank Abissi ’15 withdrew from the race following the poster scandal.

Graduate students Kristen Lee, Mike Caiola, Xin Shen, Tim Krentz, and Yin Lu were all elected to graduate senator positions. Eight other graduate students obtained two write-in votes each. The Graduate Council will decide on the ties and choose one of the write-ins for their sixth and last senator spot. Graduate students Kristen Lee, Robyn Marquis, Jennifer Kile, Nicholas Thompson, and Ben Walcott were all elected as graduate representatives.

For the Class of 2014, Kevin Dai ’14 beat out Alli Welling ’14 for the position of alumni president by 8 votes. The remaining alumni positions—vice president, treasurer, and secretary—will be in another election at a date and time announced by R&E. This is a result of the Judicial Board’s decision on the poster scandal. The Union Constitution referendum results will not be released, nor will there be a revote, per the J-Board. Because the Independent Council had the power to dissolve itself and did so, two independent senators were elected by the non-Greek student body. Alex Vitovitch ’15 and Ethan Illfelder ’15 ran unopposed and were elected.

Brandon Win ’15 won the Class of 2015 class president position. Adam Koehr ’15 was elected vice president over Samara Ahmed ’15. Koehr had 317 votes compared to Ahmed’s 250 votes. Lisa DeCrescente ’15, Tina Gilliland ’15, Lexi Rindone ’15, and Kees Cranendonk ’15 are the 2015 senators on the 45th Student Senate. Melizza Hanson ’15, Jacob Derechin ’15, Vitovitch, Arjun Chavern ’15, Ryan Fitzgerald ’15, Will Nobile ’15, Emily Frantz ’15, and Erin Riley ’15 were all elected class representatives.

For the class of 2016, Joshua Schramm ’16 and Kelly Dearborn ’16 were elected president and vice president, respectively. Michael Han ’16, Marcus Flowers ’16, Shoshana Rubinstein ’16, and Jessica Krajewski ’16 were elected Class of 2016 senators in the only contested Senate race. The Class of 2016 representatives for 2014-2015 are Sarah Bogdan ’16, Shamus Wheeler ’16, Maggie Murphy ’16, Katie Cummins ’16, Sara Nesheiwat ’16, Robert Whiting ’16, Tierney Morton ’16, and Gabe Policare ’16.

The Class of 2017 had contested races for both president and vice president. Kyle Neumann ’17 beat JJ Hu ’17 by 28 votes for class presidency. Michael Gardner ’17 won the vice president race by over 200 votes against Andrew Yonchak ’17. Melanie Todis ’17, Lily Qi ’17, Mason Cooper ’17, and Paul Ilori ’17 were all elected to senate positions. Mason Cooper ’17, Liam McEneaney ’17, Daniel Rogers ’17, Vijay Nambiar ’17, Alex Peixinho ’17, and Joe Venusto ’17 were all elected class representatives. Six students each gained four write-in votes; the Class of 2017 Class Council will determine which two will round out their class council.

Out of 5145 undergraduate students, 3348 of them voted, for a turnout of 65 percent. 357 graduate students voted out of 1123 total, for a turnout of 31.8 percent. Overall turnout was 3747, around 60 percent.

During the next few weeks, Keraga will select chairs for the Senate committees and his Senate cabinet members. Amarello will be putting out her Executive Board applications and selecting members of the student body to serve on her E-Board. For more information on these two governing bodies, contact Keraga at gm@rpi.edu or Amarello at pu@rpi.edu.