Incident blotter: Sodexo employee trips fire alarm, dislocated shoulder in Crockett

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Tuesday, February 25

• Stacwyck Parking Area

Injury: Walk-in at the station to make a report that subject fell at Stacwyck. Medical report filed.

Wednesday, February 26

• Burdett Avenue Residence Hall

Fire alarm: Alarm panel indicated fire alarm in third floor kitchen area. Carbon monoxide detector activation. Alarm was tripped accidentally by a Sodexo employee. System reset per TFD.

Thursday, February 27

• Married Housing

Car accident: Caller reported that vehicle was hit on Tuesday evening. Caller heard it but did not go outside. Caller had the plate number of the striking vehicle. There was damage to the bumper. Actual identity of the striking vehicle could not be determined. Motor vehicle accident report filed.

• Players Lounge

Illness: Caller asked for an escort for friend due to not feeling well. Student was at the Playhouse and had to be carried into the building. Student was semi-alert and in pain. Transported to Samaritan by TFD. DOSO notified.

Friday, February 28

• West Hall

Fire alarm: Johnson Controls showed a fire alarm activation for West Hall 1051. Members of FLS were on scene. Panel did not show where the alarm was, the panel read “red, attic flow dry sprinkler system.” Unknown what the problem was; it may have frozen due to a window being left open. FLS on scene checked the problem.

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Fire Alarm: Honeywell system showed fire alarm activation and then went from red to white. Alarm tripped due to cooking smoke. Alarm reset at 6:55 pm.

• Barton Hall

Fire alarm: Honeywell system showed fire alarm activation. Alarm was reset at 8:29 pm.

• Colonie Apartments, Building A

Fire alarm: Honeywell system showed fire alarm activation. County notified. Alarm due to cooking smoke. Alarm reset per TFD.

Saturday, March 1

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Illegal drug use: Off-duty RA reported an odor of marijuana coming from the second floor. Resident was cooperative during the time of questioning. Evidence has been placed in property room. DOSO was notified.

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Intoxication: RA called requesting EMS for an intoxicated subject, who was conscious, alert, and breathing. Troy EMS transported patient to Samaritan. DOSO was notified.

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Larceny: Walk-in at Public Safety stating that money was stolen from wallet. Report filed.

• Crockett Hall

Injury: Caller reported that a student fell and dislocated shoulder. Student was in the kitchen area on the first floor. Student was conscious, breathing, and alert and there was no bleeding. Student transported to Samaritan by TFD. DOSO was notified.