Students enjoy Super Bowl screening, food

STUDENTS AND STAFF WATCH Super Bowl XLVIII in DCC 308. Free food, including wings, pizza, and chips, was provided by Resident Student Association and Residence Life.

On Sunday, RPI students and staff gathered in Darrin Communications Center 308 for the Resident Student Association and Residence Life’s 5th annual Super Bowl Party. The party was well attended; according to Assistant Dean of Residence Life Randi Mogul, well over 150 students came. Not only was the game shown on the large screen in DCC 308, but free food was also provided. Chips, drinks, and fruit snacks were set out at the beginning of the event, as well as puppy chow. During the game, pizza and wings were provided, too.

Students who were at the event enjoyed it. Kyle Keraga ’15 and Orlando Hernandez ’15 both felt that the event was a success. Keraga said, “I thought it was an excellent event from a great, upbeat campus organization. We had everyone from first years to graduate students in attendance, and everyone was laughing, cheering, and generally enjoying the spectacle that is Super Bowl Sunday. Hats off to RSA for the party; I look forward to seeing it grow in the coming years!” Hernandez explained that, “Everyone enjoyed watching the game on the large projector in DCC 308 as well as all the free food.”

Mogul says that “this is always a fun and popular program and continues to be so and will be a tradition for many years to come.”