Ring committee releases details, envisions future

Options include both traditional, modern designs

Each year, the Class Ring committee of the junior class at RPI reveals to its members the class ring. This year, the Class of 2015 has attempted to create a ring design that provides students with a less traditional option.

According to committee chair Alex Vitovitch ’15, the committee met every other week last semester to begin planning a design for the Class of 2015 ring. They began brainstorming for thematic ideas and elements that could be included in the ring design that members of the junior class would understand and remember in the future. Ideas included a storm and IBM Watson, representing Hurricane Irene—which canceled the class’s first day of school—and the computing system provided by IBM, respectively.

However, the committee was also encouraged by the Institute to incorporate traditional elements in the ring, as well. These include symbols such as RPI’s crest. Vitovitch explained that, to learn about this, the committee talked with Alumni Relations Office Associate Advancement Officer Geoff Seber.

At the same time, the committee talked with various companies, which each bid for the opportunity to generate the rings. Three of these companies were Balfour, Justin’s Fine Jewelry, and Heriff Jones. Based on the companies’ presentations, the committee decided to go with Balfour.

Over the summer, explained Vitovitch, the committee drafted the ring designs. Rather than a single, traditional ring, they decided to offer two different designs. One is a traditional class ring. The other has a more “modern” design. According to Vitovitch, this is unique, and that offering such a ring “had never been done before.” He added that it was “a ‘thing’ that other classes could mimic or adapt.” It was not a tradition, according to Seber, because it had never happened before.

Last month, the committee unveiled the ring designs to the Class of 2015. Since then, students have been able to pay for their own, which will become available in April. Over the weekend, the committee held tabling sessions in the Rensselaer Union and at the East Campus Athletic Village to promote sales. According to Vitovitch, this was one of the prime selling points of the semester.

Vitovitch added that those who purchase a ring before April will be invited to a ring dinner, during which, every attendee will be given the rings they purchased. The exact date is still being determined and will be made known to students as soon as it is set.

Vitovitch expressed his excitement about the rings and his hope that the Class of 2015 will be excited to purchase them. For more information about the rings, contact Vitovitch at vitova@rpi.edu. For those that wish to purchase rings, they can be ordered through Balfour’s website or by calling (877) 225-3687.