PSS: it’s not all about winning, you know

A PLAYER FROM THE DANGER PENGUINS AND A PLAYER FROM THE MOTHERPUCKERS, TWO D-LEAGUE INTRAMURAL TEAMS, FIGHT for the puck during their Sunday game. While the Danger Penguins won handily, both teams agree that they don’t play for wins, but rather for fun.

There are 19 intramural hockey teams across four leagues, including five in A-, four in B-, 5 in C-, and five in D-league, and even though many teams consist primarily of greek life members, there is no specific IFC league, unlike many other sports, including soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball. Because of this, fraternities and sororities cannot restrict their teams to solely their own brothers and sisters.

For more information about intramurals as a whole, visit the Mueller Center and speak with someone at the front desk. To get involved in refereeing and supervising games, e-mail Assistant Director of the Mueller Center Joe Campo at