Lake George hosts over 200 students

Attendees visit from RPI, SUNYIT, Clarkson, BU, Nassau Community College

THE RENSSELAER OUTING CLUB HOSTS its annual Fall Lake George trip, which comprises three days of events held on an island in the middle of Lake George.

From September 20–22, members of the Rensselaer Outing Club ventured to Turtle Island for their annual Fall Lake George event, a tradition stretching over 80 years. During the trip, club members had the opportunity to hike, cliff jump, and canoe, among other activities. Organized by Lucy Naslas ’16, the member-at-large, the event was two days and two nights long, from Friday night to Sunday morning, with most activities happening on Saturday.

“It’s great to be a part of and carry on a tradition,” said Naslas.

On Friday, people had the option to take a two to three-man canoe to the island or take a powerboat. That night, all 33 campsites were filled. RPI brought about 100 members, and with other clubs in the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association, the total number of attendees was over 200. Other colleges that brought outing clubs included State University of New York Institute of Technology, Clarkson University, Boston University, and Nassau Community College, all contributing to the diversity of the group.

Before adventuring to the island Saturday morning, members cooked meals and brought them, including egg sandwiches and bagels. After breakfast, the combined group split up to cover more ground. The hiking team climbed Tung Mountain. Along the path, they stopped to view a waterfall. Other groups went off to set up slack lines between various trees on the island.

Ethan Sclarsky ’16 recalled, “As I was floating on the lake while swimming, I thought I could see all the stars in the night sky.” Other activities included cliff jumping and rock climbing. However, the trip was not without its pitfalls.

The group that canoed was restricted to the inlet part of the lake, as the winds were too violent on the open water. Additionally, at night, a storm hit the island, canceling the square dancing event planned for the club. The rain also prevented the musicians from setting up on the island. But these problems were minor at best, and the trip still provided a plethora of memories for all that came along.

On Sunday morning, the club ate breakfast, shared stories, and packed up to leave.

When asked about his favorite memory from the trip, President Andrew Yale ’14 said, “Waking up on Sunday morning and seeing the clear blue sky.”

The club is all about enjoying the outside, whether by hiking, rock climbing, or other activities, and Fall Lake George certainly embodies this mantra.

About the Rensselaer Outing Club

The Fall Lake George trip is the only annual trip the club holds, and costs $35 per person to go. However, other trips are discussed and announced on Wednesdays at meetings, which are in Darrin Communications Center room 330 at 8 pm, weekly. These not-necessarily-recurring trips include but are not limited to biking, hiking, swimming, and canoeing. The club has approximately 200 members, and membership is $36 for the year and $24 for the semester. For more information, check out their website at