PSS: free hugs for all

ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 30—THE FIRST FRIDAY OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR—STUDENTS BEGAN an event known as “Free Hug Friday at RPI.” Located “somewhere on the RPI campus,” according to the official Facebook page for the event, student volunteers held signs informing other students of their intent to provide hugs to the RPI community, free of charge. The idea was initially presented to RPI students via Reddit with a post titled “Free Hug Day at RPI? Input?” The post was a link to a YouTube video showing a similar event occurring at Boston College in 2007. Response to the post was generally positive, although some students expressed their skepticism regarding RPI students actually hugging each other. The concept of “Free Hugs” gained popularity following the release of a YouTube video by the Free Hugs Campaign, which featured the song “All the Same” by Sick Puppies, in 2006. For more information about RPI’s take on the idea, visit the Facebook page located at