PSS: breaking the third wall

ON MONDAY, MARCH 6, SEVEN RPI STUDENTS PLACED third in this year’s Geowall competition, held in San Diego, CA. The Geowall competition is run by the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Geo-Institute and is part of the larger GeoChallenge which encompasses the Geopredictions and Geoposter competitions. The competition involves students building retaining walls out of poster-board and craft paper. The goal is to build the most economical wall which will withstand various loading conditions. Unlike previous years, a dynamic impulse was added to the loading conditions, increasing the difficulty of the competition. The team consisted of Morgan Miller ’13, Arpana Sabu ’13, Markella Spari Ph.D. ’16, Derek Lousch ’13, Elizabeth Wroe ’13, Omar El-Shafee Ph.D. ’15, Jonathan Mendoza ’13. They were notified of their status as finalists on February 4. Unfortunately, the wall failed during the testing period. Despite this, the team was able to jump to third place because of the score it received for the report, which was entered into the competition with the team’s Geowall. For more information, visit