UPAC Cinema pauses films

With the movie industry’s broad shift towards digital films, RPI’s UPAC Cinema is hoping to upgrade the quality of its films with the installation of a digital projector. UPAC has suspended film projections until the installation of the new digital projector has been completed.

UPAC Cinema’s upgrading process began last spring, with the final installation planned to occur during winter break. The contractor unexpectedly dropped out of the project, causing the subsequent delays. The club had to contact a new contractor and repeat the ordering process. While the projection booth is being upgraded, the 35 mm projector will not be operational.

Despite the delay of the movie schedule, UPAC Cinema affirms that their decision will ultimately advance the club.

“The postponement of the schedule is something that no one in the club wanted to have happen,” UPAC Cinema Chair Mike Chamberlin ’13 acknowledged.

The elevation to the digital platform will allow for higher quality picture and sound quality, as well as a greater variety of films. Digital films have improved color and sharpness, which enhances the viewing quality.

As digital films are less expensive to produce and distribute for studios, an increasing amount of films are produced solely in digital format. More than half the films released in the last year were not available in the 35 mm format, only in a digital form. The lower costs associated with showing digital films may allow for a more expansive film schedule once the digital projection base has been installed.