PSS: take notes, RPI receives pianos

ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, RPI’S SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES, ARTS, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES RECEIVED a delivery of five of 10 new pianos. These were acquired through the Steinway purchase/loan program. According to Mary Martialay, HASS bought two pianos, and will be lent eight for the duration of the academic year. These eight pianos are part of the School’s summer festival program and “would otherwise sit in storage.” Next year, Rensselaer will buy two additional pianos and be lent six, with this pattern of purchases and loans continuing until the Institute has acquired a full complement of 10 pianos. The pianos arrived at West Hall between 10:30 and 11 am on Friday, and the transfer of the instruments carried on past noon. For more information about the pianos, or HASS’s summer festival program, students, faculty, and staff can contact the Dean of HASS Mary Simoni at