E-Board releases new Union-based budgets

President of the Union discusses furniture

Sunday evening, President of the Union Jonathan Stack ’13 announced that the Union Executive Board had finished reviewing budgets for fiscal year 2014. These budgets outline funding for all Rensselaer Union-funded clubs and organizations, as well as all varsity sports. Members of the E-Board were assisted by Union administrators, who served as student activity resource persons.

According to Stack, the E-Board spent approximately 14 hours over the weekend reading through each individual budget, approving and disapproving lines as they went. He added that including the amount of time they spent before the break, the Executive Board spent a total of 25 hours on the budgets.

The budgets were sent to all club officers to review. If they find anything that concerns them, they have until Thursday, January 24 at noon to contact their E-Board representatives or SARPs, or file an appeal with the Union Administration Office. Stack said, “A schedule for club appeals will be posted on the door to the Union Administration Office by 2 pm on Friday, January 25.” The actual appeals will occur the following day.

Once the appeals are completed, the E-Board’s Union Annual Report Committee will prepare the next Union Annual Report over the course of “two or three weeks.” They will also calculate an estimated activity fee for the 2013-2014 academic year. Senate E-Board Liaison Gretchen Sileo ’14 will then present this information to the Student Senate, who will vote on the UAR and the activity fee recommendation. After the Senate approves the information, the preliminary numbers will be released to the general student body. However, Stack emphasized that these numbers would not be final until approved by the Board of Trustees in March.

The UAR and activity fee recommendation will then go through Vice President of Student Life Timothy Sams and the Office of Student Life for approval. Stack said that, once Sams approves both, “the information goes into the Institute budget.” President Shirley Ann Jackson then reviews the budget before finally passing it to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

Aside from the Union budget, the E-Board has also been working on the appearance of the Union itself. Stack said that the Executive Board Facilities Committee will evaluate the furniture within the building on Tuesday night. To this end, the curtains on the second floor of the Union have been taken down. Stack added that the E-Board’s furniture proposal will also be voted on this week. New coral has also been installed in the fish tank on the second floor.

Stack stated that the E-Board will not have a meeting this week, both because he wished to give the E-Board members time to adjust to the new semester and to give them a break after having spent the majority of their weekend reviewing the budget. Their weekly meetings will resume next week, however, and are open to all students. For more information, students can contact Stack at pu@rpi.edu.