PSS: hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife

ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, THE TROY POLICE DEPARTMENT RECEIVED a report indicating that an armed home invasion had occurred on the 2100 block of 14th Street. According to CBS 6 Albany, the police stated that “three armed black males entered the home around 7:35 pm.” The suspects injured one of the occupants with a blow to the head, stole some property and an unknown amount of cash, and fled on foot in an unknown direction from the home. Those with additional information are encouraged to contact the Troy Police Department at (518) 270-4421. As the home invasion occurred on 14th Street, an area popular among students looking for off-campus housing due to its proximity to campus, the Department of Public Safety urges all off-campus students to stay safe by using the tips they have provided on their website at For more information, students can call Public Safety at the numbers listed on their website.