Students discuss GM Week

Committee hesitant to plan alcohol-based event

On Thursday, September 27, the GM Week committee held a meeting to discuss events for GM Week.

The discussion included the issue brought forth in a thread on Reddit regarding alcohol presence during GM Week. People wanted beer trucks to be a part of GM Week again. The meeting began with talk about the events themselves, including a parking lot carnival, a block party, and a major concert. To help increase spirit, clubs will be urged to get involved. The next topic to come up was recruitment. Very few people showed up to Thursday’s meeting and the committee needs more people involved. Ideas came up to make a thread on Reddit along with a Facebook group for the whole event.

Eventually the topic of alcohol was brought up. The idea proposed was to have the alcohol in conjunction with another event (or side event). This would take the emphasis off the alcohol and more on the event itself. This would also be used to help get people outside. There would be an effort to get businesses involved in downtown Troy. This includes breweries, which could also provide alcohol for the event.

Funding would likely not be spent on alcohol, but rather would be spent on the event. It would be worked out with the vendors to reduce prices. An area would be blocked off for students who are 21 or older. Convincing the school to agree to this will be a long process and the committee cannot make any promises on this happening.

As for the discussion on getting clubs involved in GM Week, the committee wants to make something happen to get admin and student life integrated more into GM Week. Alcohol would not be part of this event. Greek life consumes a large amount of student social life. Plans were made for getting them more involved and for an event to be integrated with greek weekend.

Plans were also made to send someone to the National Association for Campus Activities Conference. This person will bring information back.