PSS: Laban Coblentz disappears

CHIEF OF STAFF AND ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT FOR POLICY AND PLANNING LABAN COBLENTZ HAS been dismissed from his position, effective immediately. Neither Coblentz nor the administration have yet commented on this event. This follows the recent departure of the provost, Robert Palazzo, and has drawn commentary from various news sources. Coblentz was hired at RPI in January of 2008 and has been serving the Institute for the last five years. In his position, Coblentz was responsible for executive leadership, managing the Institute’s cyclical planning process, and tracking performance of goals for the Institute’s annual budget, in addition to other duties. He has helped push many student projects through into working organizations, such as the Student Sustainability Task Force. He has had an illustrious past, including spending four years serving in the Navy on a submarine, along with looking for nuclear weapons in Iraq for the International Atomic Energy Agency.