Pipeline is a tool for organizing, tracking, and distributing content for The Rensselaer Polytechnic or a similar newspaper. It can be found on GitHub.


Pipeline tracks an article from start to finish. As soon as an idea is proposed, it can be entered into Pipeline by an editor. Reporters and photographers can be assigned, and details about the article—such as event location and time, people to contact, and related tasks—can be recorded.


As an article is written, goes through copy, and is eventually published, a history of edits is recorded. Copy readers can easily see where articles are in the copy queue and advance them as they are edited.


After an article has been copy read, it can be pulled into Adobe InDesign for layout and published on a website. The website is simply a collection of static files for ease of deployment. As changes are made to articles, the website is automatically kept in-sync.

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