Networking unlocks doors for successful careers

Last week, members of the Tech Valley Young Professionals Network, an initiative of the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce, visited my marketing class. They came for a panel discussion. First, they gave a presentation and answered some questions they had prepared themselves. Then, they spoke to us in small groups. The main idea they got across was that the real world is much different than what we expect, and not in a nice way. Read more...

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RPI Ambulance provides for the community

Did you know that there’s a club on campus that could save you hundreds of dollars in an emergency? RPI Ambulance is a completely student-run Basic Life Support transporting ambulance agency that is funded entirely by the Rensselaer Union. If you call 911 or Public Safety on campus and EMS is needed, RPIA will most likely be dispatched. An ambulance ride to the hospital can cost anywhere between $100 to $3000. With RPIA, the ride and any materials used are completely free. Read more...

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Engineers falter during ninth inning

Despite holding the lead for the majority of the game, RPI lost game one at the last minute

Baseball continued its regular season last Sunday with a double header at Stevens Institute of Technology. The team had a rocky start and, unfortunately, this weekend was no different. They lost 5–6 in the first game, and 0–7 in the following one. Read more...

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Apgar talks student inclusion in hiring

On March 6, Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 opened the Student Senate with committee reports. Those reports began with Rules & Elections Committee Chairperson David Raab ’19 reporting that student government elections have been going on for a week and campaigning is in full swing. The R&E committee also recently made a decision regarding postering in on-campus dormitories and concluded that candidates may poster on the outside of all dorms. Read more...

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Barebones indie game delivers A+ simulation

A few weeks ago, I picked up the latest deal on Humble Bundle 47 games for just $30, a deal that no one could pass up. Out of the pile of untouched games in my Steam library, I plucked out one that interested me: Mini Metro. I went into Mini Metro expecting a complex, sophisticated public transportation simulation. What I got was completely different, and yet it was quite appealing. Read more...

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Facebook’s dragon tales

“It’s extremely addicting and eating my life” says Gavin Mays ’20, when asked about his latest addiction. He’s not talking about anything illicit however; just the latest mobile craze in the form of Everwing. Developed by Blackstorm Labs in 2016, the Facebook Messenger exclusive game has taken my contact list by storm - transforming pleasant conversations into tallies of scores and achievements. The premise is simple, and maybe that’s why it’s so addictive. Like the Space Invaders of old, Everwing is simply a race to outlast your friends and acquire the ultimate reward: bragging rights. Read more...

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Full issue: March 1, 2017

The Rensselaer Polytechnic March 1, 2017

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Senate, administration discuss brand imaging

On February 27, Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 opened the Student Senate with committee reports. Those reports began with Rules & Elections Committee Chairperson David Raab ’19 who recounted that campaigning would begin on Tuesday at 9 am and that R&E had held its first information session. Following Raab, Student Government Communications Chairperson Ellie Mees ’18 continued by stating that the committee is currently working to update the Senate, Executive Board, and Class Council websites with current contact information and photos. The SGC committee also reported that more members of the Executive Board were present at the prior committee meeting and that it would continue reaching out to Executive Board members to attend. Read more...

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Broadening horizons by experiencing food culture

Meals mean more than eating, providing an atmosphere for conversation, passing many hands before the store

“What’s your favorite food?” Chances are pretty likely that you have been asked this question before. Food is one of the essential things needed in life. It is necessary for you to function and allows you to go through with your day. Aside from a nutritional point of view, there is a greater significance of the food you eat. Every day, each person makes decisions on the foods that they are going to eat. They either decide to stay in and make something themselves or maybe go out with friends to eat. Either way, food plays a significant part in the decision making process. When you go out to eat with friends, food serves as the common bond among everyone. From a social aspect, food is one reason that brings people together. Think about all the meals you have had. I am sure that most of them have been with people you are close to (like your family and friends) or people you have met recently and would like to know better. Similarly, I am sure that you’ve been invited over before by someone for a meal or you have done the same for someone else. Either way, food allows people to interact with each other and share different ideas. Read more...

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BSA fashion show wows reviewer

This past Saturday, the Union’s McNeil room played host to a fashion show held by Rensselaer’s very own Black Student Alliance. Called “Vanguards,” the show featured several local designers and many aspiring student models. Lasting two hours, the various fashion walks all correlated to a specific theme. One walk was formal themes, with men donning suits and overcoats while women showed off gowns and dresses of various materials and patterns. A different walk was themed on recycling. With the help of local designer Laura Andrighetti, models exhibited clothing that was created with reused fabrics and materials. Examples include an outfit whose top resembled a cloth net, a dress with a floral print reminiscent of either flour sacks or rolls of fabric, and a dress made out of a single sheet of flannel. Read more...

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Team heads to nationals for first time

Dedication to the team, "metal to the pedal" motto provides momentum for hockey success

For the first time in their eight-year history, the Rensselaer men’s American Collegiate Hockey Association team will be making its way to Columbus, Ohio over Spring Break to compete in the ACHA nationals. “Getting to nationals is all about rankings. Wins, losses, ties, strength of schedule—everything is calculated together to rank teams,” said junior Ranger Beguelin. The top 12 teams in each of the four regions (Northeast, Southeast, Central, and West) get a chance to go to nationals. The top two slots automatically get in, and the rest duke it out. Club hockey defeated the University of Massachusetts 3–0 on Saturday and the University of New Hampshire 5–1 on Sunday to earn their spot. “It’s a dream come true,” wrote Beguelin. “From our club founders to our newest freshmen, we’ve all wanted what’s best for the club, a chance to play a high level of hockey, and to compete with the best of the best. This is our invitation to do just that.” Read more...

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Controversial posters circulate RPI campus

Many students were alarmed to find posters promoting white supremacy scattered around the Rensselaer campus on Monday morning, originally discovered on the Jonsson Engineering Center. Read more...

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Private prison practices profit driven, dehumanizing, unfair

Flawed, corrupt jailing system operated under guise of corrective service institution prioritizes money instead

This past summer, the Justice Department decided to phase out its use of private prisons. I remember how happy this made me. I had spent my entire senior year in AP United States Government and Politics arguing for just that. The culminating project in that class was an oral argument and a thesis, and we were encouraged to pick topics we truly cared about. For me, the private prison industry was the obvious choice, and that was at a time when I really knew quite little. As my research of the topic continued, I only became more impassioned. Read more...

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Halo Wars gathers high praise with second title

Halo Wars 2 is not like your regular Halo, it is a real-time strategy game. You build bases, command armies, and manage resources to play. This game scratches my Halo itch and has fun and engaging gameplay to boot. Read more...

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7-2 becomes unlucky score for women’s team

Men's team opens with win against Rochester, sweeps doubles, wins three of five singles

This past weekend, the Engineers saw some action on the courts. On Saturday, the women’s team traveled to Poughkeepsie, New York, to face Vassar College. On Sunday, both the women’s and men’s teams hosted the University of Rochester at Tri-City Fitness in Latham, New York. While the women’s team struggled with two losses, the men’s team was able to capture a victory. Read more...

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Student Veterans Association visits E-Board

To begin last week’s Executive Board meeting, Student Veterans Association members Jason Aman ’17 and Stephen Onley ’19 came before the E-Board to talk about the proposed Student Veterans’ Lounge. Aman and Onley emphasized that “we want to feel like we’re a part of a community the moment we step on campus, and that’s what a veterans’ room can do.” They made the analogy of the freshman residence halls and how meeting people in similar situations helps with the transition. Read more...

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Low affordability of prototyping

Creative spaces available, yet costly

Rensselaer students are very fortunate to have access to a number of facilities which can aid them in forming a startup company. These include, but are not limited to, some of the finest research facilities in the world, access to market funding opportunities through the Severino Center, and a driven student body. The only thing that is missing is accessibility and affordability, which are critical component in many projects. Read more...

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Brain Candy draws very specific audience

About two weeks ago, my roommate offhandedly mentioned that a high school friend might be coming down to see a show that Adam Savage was hosting in Schenectady. And I said, “Adam Savage?” And he said “yes.” And I said, “in Schenectady?” And he said “yes.” So I rushed off to my computer, because like many of you out there, I have been a longtime fan of Adam Savage. His show, Mythbusters, which he co-hosted with Jamie Hyneman, has a special place in my heart. I was excited by the prospect of seeing his new show, Brain Candy Live!, which he co-hosts with Michael Stevens, who runs the YouTube channel Vsauce. Read more...

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Fazio sets facility, school, meet record

Entering day two of competition at the New York State Collegiate Track Conference Indoor Championship Meet, the Engineers ranked second out of thirteen teams. The men’s track and field team battled the opposition in sprints, distance events, relays, throws, jumps, and vaults, to ultimately emerge triumphant Sunday afternoon as the top team in the state. The Engineers compiled 196.5 points at the two-day competition hosted by St. Lawrence University to earn the first place title, ousting the runner-up Ithaca College Bombers by 50 points. Read more...

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The role of the Union Annual Report in student government

President of the Union encourages all interested to participate in shaping the direction of the Rensselaer Union

Hello RPI! Over the course of the last several weeks, the Student Senate approved the Rensselaer Union Activity Fee recommendation as well as the Union Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018. These are two items critical to the student-run nature of the Rensselaer Union. Every year, the Executive Board prepares the budget for the following fiscal year. This budget includes money available for clubs, money spent to upgrade our facilities, money spent to hire our staff, money spent to maintain our equipment, and so on. It’s a large undertaking that, in reality, involves many more students than the 20 of us who serve on the Executive Board. Over 100 clubs submit budgets to be reviewed every year. Each club has several officers and even more students who are directly impacted by the funding they receive from the Union for their operations. Once all of this is put together, the Executive Board and the Union Annual Report Committee work backward to develop an activity fee that every graduate and undergraduate student will pay. Read more...

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