Presidential antics arise over this weekend’s drama

More Republicans change their mind on Trump

Donald Trump has many fatal flaws that make him unfit to be the president of the United States. I could talk about any number of them, including the biggest Trump news in the past week: his bragging of sexual assault. But, I also want to bring attention to a statement he made during Sunday’s presidential debate with Hillary Clinton that stood out to me as particularly dangerous for the country. Read more...

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Safe in Sound festival leaves reviewer awed

Borgore, Snails, Boombox Cartel, Terravita—if you have ever listened to music from any of these artists and love dancing, you would probably love the Safe in Sound Festival! I had the opportunity to travel back home this past weekend and experience a concert like no other. Read more...

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Rensselaer ends Hobart’s undefeated season

Saturday, October 8th, Hobart College more than doubled Rensselaer’s offensive yardage output. The Engineers’ defensive grit inside their own 20 kept them in the game. RPI’s offense looked outmatched by Hobart’s fast and physical defense for the majority of the game. Engineer rushers struggled against a stout Hobart line, gaining just 83 yards on 42 carries. In the fourth quarter, RPI found their rhythm, scoring touchdowns on two of their final three possessions and came out on top over previously undefeated Hobart, 21–17. Read more...

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Protected Class Policy gains approval

Executive Board votes to allow clubs to keep membership anonymous

On Thursday, October 6, the Rensselaer Union Executive Board approved Union affiliation for The RPI Interplanetary Society, represented by President Edrick Drachenberg ’17, Secretary Michael Crisci ’20, Treasurer German Padilla ’18, and member Geoffrey Thomas ’19. Read more...

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Editorial Notebooks

Considering life decisions leads to regrets, moving on

Making formulas for happiness in past mistakes

I often find myself daydreaming about impossible scenarios. These scenarios always include me going back in my life and changing a decision I’ve made. This decision could have been yesterday, ten years ago, or last month. And I always believe that if I had simply made a different decision, or gone down a different pathway, my life would be so much better now. I mean, it’s true, my life would most likely be better, but the irrationality of actually playing out the scenarios in my head must be early signs of dementia. Read more...

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Discontent runs rampant in Revolutionary Road

As Richard Yates’ first novel, Revolutionary Road gained public notice after it achieved a place as a finalist in the 1962 National Book Awards. Yates is largely championed for his role amongst the disillusioned and fearful writers that came to prominence after World War II; during the so-called “Age of Anxiety,” authors in Europe and the United States expressed a conscious awareness of the grim aspects of humanity, and ultimately shaped the themes of mid-century art and literature. The author imposes this careful introspection throughout Revolutionary Road, and the novel’s keen introspection about the realities of suburban life ultimately make the piece tangible, relatable, and deeply thought-provoking. Read more...

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Engineers fall to Vassar College in overtime

Vassar College was too much for Rensselaer during Senior Night this Saturday, as the Engineers, 9–3 this season, fell 1–2 in overtime. Read more...

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Top Hat

Successful alumni admire GM, as GM admires alumni

This was an interesting weekend. I’ve never been that involved in the events of Homecoming & Reunion weekend, so being thrown in the deep end to appear at events and meet so many alumni was both a great experience and very tiring. I have a lot more respect for Red & White after seeing everything they do all weekend, setting up and staffing events from early in the morning until late at night. All the work they put in helps us stay connected those who came before us and our history, which is a large part of what makes RPI special. Read more...

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Pep band carries musical legacy for over ninety years

Conductor talks about responsibilities and logistics

After covering a Women’s Ice Hockey home game, I came to have a deep appreciation for our RPI’s Pep Band. At what was appeared to be a rather desolate game with an even more desolate crowd, it was the Pep Band that maintained morale and kept spirits high. They executed a series of songs on the fly under the careful direction of conductor Jacqueline Scanlon ’19. The Pep Band not only kept me cheery and alert, but their energy and talent had me impressed. So impressed that I requested an interview with Scanlon to learn more. Read more...

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Health Center holding training for leaders

Hello RPI!

I hope you all had a chance to meet up with old friends and greet our alumni as they made their way back to campus for Reunion & Homecoming this past weekend. I had an extraordinary time speaking with alumni from a broad group of class years, and I heard from so many about what nostalgia came to them upon returning to campus. As always, it’s an incredibly humbling experience to see what accomplishments the alumni of Rensselaer have made. This is especially true this year with the presence of three very distinguished alumni: Dr. B. Jayant Baliga ’74, power electronics innovator; Dr. Marcian “Ted” Hoff ’58, inventor of the microprocessor; and Steven J. Sasson ’72, inventor of the digital camera. Their accomplishments are a testament to what we all can achieve with a world-class education at Rensselaer. Read more...

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Indie bands flock to Albany concert

Seeing a concert is always an adventure. Whether one waits for months to experience their favorite band live or buys tickets to a band they have never heard of with no expectations, hearing live music always leaves concert-goers with a story. I happened to see Marian Hill live on October 10th, and I was part of the latter group: I bought tickets with several hours left until doors opened and went in completely blind. I am very glad I did; the concert featured three different, but equally stunning bands that blew me away with every new song. Although Marian Hill was the headlining artist, their two openers did just as good of a job of setting the mood and amping up the crowd. Read more...

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Full issue: October 5, 2016

The Rensselaer Polytechnic October 5, 2016

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RPI shuttle service to get cameras, bike racks

This week's Student Senate meeting started off with School of Management Associate Professor Jeff Durgee and Director of Auxiliary, Parking, and Transportation Services Alexandre da Silva giving updates. Durgee explained that he wanted to attend the meeting as a representative from the Faculty Senate in order to facilitate communication between the two bodies and was "just here to see what is going on." Read more...

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Editorial notebooks

Running the Union, literally

Keeping busy with numerous tasks while making bank

One of the greatest opportunities I’ve had as a student here at RPI is being a student employee in the Rensselaer Union. It’s one of the best opportunities you have as a current student to gain some of the intangible experience you need in order to be a competitive applicant for jobs. RPI imparts onto you, in one way or another, the technical knowledge for your chosen career in the many hours spent in and outside the classroom, but you need more than just technical knowledge in order to be successful in the world outside RPI. One of the awesome things about working for the Union is the fact that there are ample opportunities to hone your leadership skills. Most of the student employee teams in the Union are not directly led by professional full-time staff, but rather by a student coordinator (with ample professional staff guidance and advice of course). I quickly learned how to balance many different requests and get everything done as efficiently as possible, which is something that best comes with experience. Read more...

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Communion continues dazzling listeners

Imagine falling into an ocean of synths. Out of nowhere, a crooning voice comes through the dilapidated fog. In kicks a slinking alt-pop beat, complete with raw, unfiltered lyrics. Read more...

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McGill crumbles to Engineers’ pressure

Uproar burst forth from the fans in the Houston Field House Sunday evening, as the Rensselaer men's ice hockey team devastated McGill University in the season exhibition opener with a 3-0 clean sweep. Read more...

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Executive Board

Executive Board funds RPI Boxing Club

President of the Boxing Club Liam McEneaney ’17 presented in the Rensselaer Union Executive Board meeting to request a budget for club equipment and a larger practice space. The Boxing Club was made a Union-recognized organization on December 11, 2015, and has since gained a large membership. They are currently looking at a consistent 30 members who each pay 20 dollars in club dues to their coach’s salary. With the majority of the finances going towards this goal, they are left with little to cover the cost of necessary equipment. Following a 15-2-1 vote, the E-Board officially recognized the RPI Boxing Club as Union funded, and approved a starter budget of $200. Read more...

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Learning about ropes and of the ropes of life at camp

Boy Scout experience lives on for this staff member

What is more important to you: what you receive, or what you give? How you feel, or how you make another feel? What you learn, or what you help another learn? As a person who takes more out of life from helping others than from helping himself, I believe that the less you take for yourself and the more you give of yourself, the more full you will feel as a person. My point may seem like an anomaly, so allow me to elaborate using this example from my life. Read more...

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Conference draws enviromentalists

On Saturday, October 8, from 3–5 pm, the Second Annual SustainAffinity Panel and Reception will take place in Russell Sage Laboratory 3303 with three panelists who are leaders in diverse environmental fields: Dr. Benjamin Cohen ’11, Dr. Andrew T. Jay ’84, and Dr. Mary Ellen Mallia ’06. The panelists will talk about their experiences working on sustainable solutions and give advice about paths current students and fellow alumni might take in environmental fields. Audience questions will be accepted, and, after the panel, there will be opportunities for networking as well as refreshments. Read more...

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Men sweep 9-0, women crush SUNY 7-2

It was a successful weekend of tennis for Rensselaer. The women's team travelled to State University of New York Geneseo to play their second dual match of the season on Saturday. The Engineers beat the home team 7–2, which brought the team a 2–0 winning record. Geneseo had been undefeated before facing RPI. In No. 3 doubles, the doubles team of sophomores Erica Frommer and Andrea Valencia gave the Engineers the lead after winning their match 8–1. Later, in No. 1 doubles, the team of freshman Allie Kallish and junior Melanie Frank won their match 8–5, further broadening RPI's lead. Finally, in No. 2 doubles, the duo of freshman Tess Lubin and sophomore Mailani Neal won their match 8–6, giving the Engineers a 3–0 lead. In singles, Kallish, Frommer, Valencia and Neal all won their matches in straight sets: 6–1, 6–1; 6–4, 6–1; 6–3, 6–0; and 6–0, 6–0, respectively. The Knights of SUNY Geneseo defeated the Engineers in No. 2 and No. 3 singles; Lubin fell to Pornpitaksuk 6–7 (3), 2–6, while Frank, fell to Susko 2–6, 0–6. Despite those defeats, RPI came out on top with an overall 7–2 score. Next weekend, the lady Engineers will travel to play at the Connecticut College Tournament. Read more...

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