Editorial Notebook

Why I recused myself from GM Week endorsements

Participating in GM Week endorsements is a rite of passage for any member of The Polytechnic’s editorial board. In the Spring semester specifically, being a part of this process is the selling point in running for an elected position on The Poly’s staff. The Poly’s endorsements are a rigorous process and can swing a close race. For a possibility of endorsement, candidates must complete a packet questionnaire and sit for an interview with the board. Some who have sat for the process, however, may liken it more to an interrogation than an interview. Simply wooing a portion of the editorial board is not sufficient either. A candidate must have the support of 5/6 of voting members to receive an endorsement from The Poly. It is a time intensive process.

As The Poly’s News Editor, I am charged with leading the publications coverage of Grand Marshal Week. Providing detailed, unbiased reporting of campus life remains my top priority. Removing myself from the endorsement process will allow me to dedicate more time to this task. I did not join the paper to tell people who to vote for. I joined to provide people with the information they need to make those decisions for themselves. This will also help to address the perception that The Poly’s coverage of the elections, or my moderation of the debates, are biased in any way. Readers should be able to trust that personal views and biases are contained within the columns marked ‘OPINION’ at the top. The Polytechnic staff and I have taken great care to ensure that the Opinion and News sections of the paper remain divorced from each other. I look forward to an eventful GM Week and keeping the student body informed on the happenings of the week.