Candidate Questions

Class of 2023 candidate profiles

By The Poly March 20, 2021

The Polytechnic asked the Class of 2023 candidates for class president, class vice president, class senators, and class representatives to discuss their goals and leadership experience and to reflect on their experiences in Student Government as a whole. Here are the responses we received.

[Editor’s note: The following responses were edited for clarity and for The Poly's grammatical and mechanical style. The Poly did not receive responses from Jojo Garson ’23, Evan Wadley ’23, Rylie Maready ’23, Emily Berkemeyer ’23, Nathan Kerr ’23, or Christiana Bevilacqua ’23.]

If elected, what issues would you address, and how will this affect the campus or members of your class?

Class of 2023 president candidate

Kailey Swanson

My name is Kailey Swanson, and I’m running for Class of 2023 President! I’m a Biomedical Engineering major, and I’m the current Class of 2023 Vice President. I’m also the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Pi Beta Phi. I play on the Women’s Lacrosse team, and I’m also involved in SWE, Red and White, and the Outing Club. If elected, I want to focus on student advocacy by pushing for better communication with students, diversity and inclusion by making sure every student feels represented and heard in student government, and community building by putting on events to help our class connect and make the best of our Arch Summer.

Class of 2023 vice president candidate

Faizah Rabbye

If I were elected to be the 2023 Class Council Vice President, I would have the unique opportunity to specifically serve our cohort. My primary focus during my time would be to create an environment for the 2023 cohort that enables them to bond and form meaningful connections with each other. Due to the pandemic, our cohort lost the opportunity to do so for a significant amount of time. As important as our world-class education is, I would argue that it is equally important to forge these connections with each other both for our individual well-being and for our future. By creating more opportunities to do so through Class Council hosted social and professional events, I hope to enhance our college experience as a cohort.