Executive Board

Discussion of new assistant director of wellness position ensues

The Executive Board sought to create a new position called the Assistant Director of Wellness. Some administrators came to the Executive Board meeting and would not discuss the motion until the meeting was closed. Many Board members were hesitant to close the meeting, however.

Counselor to the President Matthew Zapkin ’22G said, “[This discussion] is just about the merits of the position…so I’m just kind of confused on why we have to close it.”

“We never discuss positions in open,” Business Administrator Martha McElligott replied. After a short exchange, the Executive Board was at a standstill, with no member opting to make any motion.

The Executive Board went on a five-minute recess to think on the issue. When the Board went back in session, Director of the Union Charlie Potts read the following statement: “The position is to support students’ mental and physical well-being, which is the number one priority on all campuses nationwide. This position supports the Mueller Center and Student Union’s ability to support and expand all holistic wellness programs on campus.” After the statement was read, the Board closed the meeting to further discuss and vote on the motion. The Polytechnic does not know the vote on the motion of the new position.

Also in the meeting, President of the Union Colleen Corrigan ’22G reported that herself and Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’22G are part of the Board of Trustees Student Life Committee. “I got some really cool feedback last meeting,” Corrigan added. “It was focused on international students, and the students that they had as panelists were talking a lot about the value they get from the Union, and we love to see that.”

Club Operations Committee vice chairperson Winnie Ouyang ’24 was approved as club operations committee chairperson unanimously.

Corrigan also reported that the Board currently has no sophomores. She stressed that the Board should include sophomores.

This Executive Board meeting was held on November 3. The next E-Board meeting will be held Thursday, November 10 at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.