Navigating return-to-campus testing

After pushing back campus move-in by a week, most residential students began moving in today. Here’s what you should expect.

Once you park at the East Campus Athletic Village and walk in, you will be asked to scan your student ID to check in, ensure you did your DIAL check-in today, and confirm that you satisfied the booster requirement.

Then, residential students will receive a colored slip with “residential student PCR & rapid” printed on it. Students so far have not been asked to show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test. However, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 since December 1, you should make note of this at the testing desk.

After walking through to the back before the tents, you will be asked to scan your ID a second time to get a Ziploc bag labeled with a seat number and testing materials. The seat number (for example, G8) will indicate where you will sit and wait in the bleachers. Residential students will get rapid test materials and a PCR tube. Off-campus students only take the PCR test.

After waiting in the bleachers until your section letter is called, you will hopefully receive a purple “initial on-campus COVID-19 test results” paper stating that the Student Health Center has reviewed the result of your initial on campus test finding you tested negative. Be prepared to get comfortable as some students have reported waiting up to 40 minutes for their results.

STUDENTS WAIT in their assigned sections to receive their initial test results. Courtesy of VP Konwerski via Instagram (@rpipeterk).

For Students who have already returned to campus (Athletes, International Students, etc.)

You may have received instructions to bypass the front testing entrance and proceed down the hallway directly to the back. Do not do this as you will be directed back to the main testing entrance in the ECAV lobby. You will be given a sticker indicating that you have already returned to campus. You will test as normal and will not have to wait for your result before departing.

On your way out, you will receive a brown bag full of blue surgical masks. Then, you will be good to go to move in!