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Investigating startup success

After spending almost 10 years studying online markets and consumer use of electronic commerce, Academic Director of the Severino Center Jason Kuruzovich is now focused on utilizing unstructured data to understand the success of entrepreneurs and their startups. Read more...

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Little Pecks offers quality coffee

Little Pecks, touted as an all-day cafe from the culinary team behind Peck’s Arcade, really lives up to its reputation. It serves Tandem Coffee, as well as a collection of baked goods weekly, brunch on weekends, and sandwiches, salads, and snacks during the evenings. Read more...

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New drama stuns

With a cunning sense of direction and extraordinary acting all around, Greta Gerwig’s first solo directorial effort transcends the genre in a vivid portrayal of adolescence, independence, and the messy relationships between prevailing aspiration and unconventional family. Read more...

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Racquetball team prepared for spring

Over the weekend of November 17–19, the Rensselaer Racquetball team traveled to Millersville, Maryland for its third meet of the 2017–2018 Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Conference season. Read more...

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Babes in Troyland full of treasures

This Sunday, I ventured through the snow into Downtown Troy in search of the Takk House, which was home to Babes in Troyland for the weekend. Hosted by Troy Flea, this holiday fair essentially served as a themed counterpart to the market that takes place during the summer months at Riverfront Park. Read more...

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Olaf loses charm second time around

Over Thanksgiving break, I found myself in a movie theater late at night waiting to see Coco with a group of my friends. The theater lights dimmed, the audience came to a hush, and the projector started up with… Olaf from Frozen. This was fine; some animated films run shorts before the actual feature film, a prime example being the short about volcanoes being run before Inside Out. These shorts are usually cute, not very memorable, and crucially, five or six minutes in length. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, however, didn’t seem to get the message. By the 10th or so minute, it had driven people to confusion. I remember turning to my girlfriend and making her reassure me we were in the right theater. After a confused nod in return, I resigned myself to my new fate of sitting through what felt like “Frozen 2: Electric Boogaloo.” The plot follows Elsa and Anna finding a Christmas tradition, after being informed that people won’t come to their grand party due to following traditions of their own. Rather than going out themselves, Elsa and Anna stay home, depressed, and Olaf decides to take it upon himself to amass all traditions in the kingdom of Arendelle. He comically finds cakes, Christmas trees, and a full-on sauna. Then, to no one’s surprise, he loses them. Fortunately, his entire adventure was meaningless, as Elsa and Anna realize that Olaf himself was their Christmas tradition, and he is celebrated by all the people whose traditions he borrowed. Read more...

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Consistency valued by corporate chain

Starbucks corporate calls its stores the “third place” between work and home where you are able to go as a retreat. Featuring the same roasts you would always expect, and an atmosphere that is the same everywhere, Starbucks exemplifies this idea of a third place, and as such I have made it my go-to place to do work. Read more...

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Disney film spotlights Mexican culture

The film Coco follows the story of a young Mexican boy named Miguel who has one dream: to become the next biggest musician. He idolizes an artist named Ernesto de la Cruz—who shares a striking resemblance to Pedro Infante—and has a seemingly natural talent for playing the guitar. However, his family has banned him from even listening to music. I found that very strange because Mexican culture is rich in music. On his journey through the land of the dead, on the Day of the Dead, Miguel learns the true meaning of the Mexican holiday, and he comes to realize the true importance of family. It’s a very beautiful story, with detailed, colorful visuals, and a lovely narrative that takes a family-friendly approach to the questions of life after death. It really is worth the rave reviews and I completely recommend watching it. However, that’s not what I’m going to talk about in this review. Instead, I’ll be talking about the uniqueness and importance of this film. Read more...

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GZ show runs emotional gamut

As someone who is a complete stranger to the indie music genre, I couldn’t help but feel a little out of my element at Ground Zero’s show featuring Tiny Blue Ghost. Fortunately, this anticipation was swept away as soon as I entered the venue. The CLASS building just below RAHP had been transformed into a room filled by bright lights and musical equipment, as to be expected. The Ground Zero group was both friendly and accommodating as they conversed with guests over complimentary tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. The line up included an opening solo performance by Redd, some jazz-inspired rock from SCHMAVE, and a bold performance from the featured group, Tiny Blue Ghost. Read more...

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Saint Motel’s Late Night Tour worthwhile

UPAC Concerts partnered with Upstate Concert Hall to host singer and producer Mike Gibney, better known as GIBBZ, and indie pop band Saint Motel on Saturday, November 18. The venue, well-hidden and filled with people of all ages, featured a central bar and an off-center stage. Read more...

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Minar introduces flavorful, spicy cuisine

This week, Crystal Vejar ’20 and I decided to check out Troy’s newest Indian restaurant: Minar. Nested on 5th Avenue, near Blitman Residence Commons, it strives to be the go-to hotspot for students craving curry and other traditional Indian foods. The grand opening was in September, and the place was decorated in banners and streamers. They also have lots of coupons and deals on their menu available at the restaurant. Read more...

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Taylor Swift matures through new sound

On the outside, Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation is composed of celebrity feuds, ex-boyfriends, and her new image. (Nothing worthy of taking time out of my day to write an article for The Poly.) If you want it to be, the album is predictable. At a deeper level, the album is found to be a cohesive piece that combines deep bass and tight snare beats to synth tropical-house choruses that Taylor uses to emphasize the message that she has expressed through the creativity of each one of her albums: music is an art that is always changing. Read more...

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Hackathon harbors software creativity

On Saturday in the Darrin Communications Center, HackRPI kicked off its hackathon as a part of the 18th Major League Hacking season. The annual hackathon is a 24-hour competition where participants are encouraged to work on any project they can create within the allotted time, with a focus on software and hardware hacks. The event was sponsored by several companies, including TripAdvisor and Bloomberg. Teams competed in several categories, which included the best use of Amazon AWS, the best hardware hack, and some specific competition areas like best use of the new Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c. Read more...

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Arcadia production memorable, clever

Arcadia consists of two distinctly separate, but intrinsically intertwined storylines, that span the year of 1809 and the present day. The first tells the tale of young Thomasina Coverly, played by graduate student Hannah De Los Santos, and her tutor Septimus Hodge, played by Matt Fields ’18. The second revolves around Hannah Jarvis, played by Sam Primm ’21; Bernard Nightingale, played by Sam O’Connor ’21; and Valentine Coverly, played by graduate student Marcus J. Barbret, who are working to uncover the mysteries of what happened in the manor almost a century ago. Read more...

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NROTC midshipmen practice leadership

Recently, RPI NROTC underwent leadership labs run by the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development in order to increase unit cohesion and enhance skills that will be utilized by midshipmen in their future naval careers. The Archer Center personnel organized several fun stations that emphasized teamwork and communication in order to complete a task. Read more...

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Shane & Emily charm with original music

This past Saturday, as part of UPAC Concerts’ Fall Concert Series, Shane & Emily performed in Mother’s Wine Emporium from 8 to 9:30 pm. The charming couple played a wide range of music, with lots of covers and originals. Their sound is pop, acoustic, and folk with a lot of voice harmonization that fits perfectly. They gave off positive vibes, as well as a sort of sweet, romantic vibe that is accentuated by the way they act on stage. Their performance was full of cute back stories to their relationship, lots of dad jokes, and jokes about their future babies. However, the main attraction was really how well their voices harmonized together and their ability to put their own spin on songs that the audience requested through an app. Read more...

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Band experiences revival with new album

On November 3, Maroon 5 released its sixth studio album, delivering the band’s latest sound wrapped in a quirky album cover and album name featuring references to the 1999 sci-fi action film The Matrix. Red Pill Blues plays with the idea of deciding between a blue pill or a red pill: a safe option permitting obliviousness, or a risk permitting truth. As a result, the album title may hint at the consequences of knowledge, or “blues,” as most tracks on the album have gloomy titles like “Help Me Out” and “Cold.” Regardless, it is no doubt that Maroon 5 has evolved into a whole new animal. Read more...

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Microsoft shares HoloLens with students

When I first saw the HoloLens unveiling in January 2015, I was blown away. It was the first time I had seen anything related to augmented reality or AR, and I could not wait to get to experience it myself. I finally got the chance to do that on November 1, at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, almost three years after I first saw the HoloLens. Read more...

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Troy poke restaurant opens new shop

On Monday, October 30, editors of The Polytechnic went to Bespoki Bowl, a Korean-Hawaiian fusion restaurant in downtown Troy. Bespoki Bowl was located in Troy Kitchen until last month, when they opened their own restaurant at the location where The Flying Chicken used to be. Read more...

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Ballroom Dance presents jazz essentials

It is said that dance is the universal language which requires no other ability than an innate passion. Nowhere was this truth more evident than at Saturday’s Jump, Jive, and Jazz event hosted by RPI Ballroom Dance. The event was open to the public during Family Weekend, and as such drew an eager crowd of family members and newcomers alike. Read more...

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