October 2021

Field Hockey

Engineers triumph on turf

By Andrew Days October 13, 2021

The Engineers had a phenomenal three-for-three week, outscoring their opponents 18‒1. Liberty League Rookie of the Week Nina Caprio ’25 scored five goals in the three home games to become the team’s leading scorer with six goals.

Top Hat

Neurodiverse education helps all students

By Cait Bennett October 13, 2021

Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’22 discusses the need for creative classroom solutions to accommodate and encourage neurodiversity on campus.

Women's Hockey

McCutcheon mangles Union

By Jolie Dolan October 13, 2021

Fresh off a 4‒0 win against Union, the Engineers dominated the match on October 9 with ECAC Rookie of the Week Audrey McCutcheon ’25 leading them to a 9‒2 victory with a hat trick.


Engineers continue undefeated season

By Andrew Days October 13, 2021

No. 25 Rensselaer defeated Buffalo State 24‒16, bringing their record to 6‒0 on the season and 2‒0 in the Liberty League.


Jackson maskless at D.C. conference

By William Hawkins October 13, 2021

President Shirley Ann Jackson appeared without a mask in Washington, D.C. on September 28 for the Amazon Web Services Summit, while Rensselaer continues to enforce mask mandates and travel restrictions for students.

Campus Event

Borderline brilliance at poetry slam

By Maanasa Pulavarty October 13, 2021

Talk Without Borders organized Poetry Slam Night, an event aimed towards providing members of the Rensselaer community with an open space to express themselves in an artistic way.


How Parasite and Squid Game disprove the get-rich-quick myth

By Bill Ni October 13, 2021

Bill Ni ’23 shares his thoughts on why Parasite and Squid Game are so successful and how they reflect on our society’s income inequality.

Executive Board

Lavender Alliance retires, Statler & Waldorf to return

By David Liu October 6, 2021

The Union Executive Board unanimously voted to designate the Lavender Alliance as inactive due to budgetary issues and low membership on September 23.


Yellowjackets stung by Engineers

By Andrew Days October 6, 2021

The Engineers began Liberty League play with a 38‒22 triumph over the University of Rochester, continuing their undefeated season. Rensselaer now stands at 5‒0.


Unvaccinated students to comply with additional COVID-19 restrictions

By Maya Johnson October 6, 2021

Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Travis Apgar presented rules in place for unvaccinated students on campus in front of the Student Senate. Restrictions include more frequent testing, wearing a mask at outdoor events, and following special dining hours.


New Shuttle Tracker enters beta

By Dylan Sheils October 6, 2021

Shuttle Tracker recently released a new public beta, called “the new Shuttle Tracker,” with a major new feature: crowd-sourced location data. The Polytechnic interviewed the Shuttle Tracker team on the Tracker's new features.

Student Senate

Senate creates MSFC Liaison position

By Maya Johnson October 6, 2021

The Student Senate voted to create the position of Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council Liaison, allowing the appointed liaison, Karina Sandoval ’22, to give her report during Senate meetings.