January 2021

Club Spotlight

RPI clubs persist through the pandemic

By Medhini Mankale, Avery Clark, and Leah Sweeney January 30, 2021

As part of an ongoing attempt to maintain a semblance of the normal college experience, many clubs have adapted their activities to operate fully online. The Polytechnic interviewed club officers about forging friendships online, pursuing projects virtually, and planning for the future.


What to binge before you get your vaccine; yes, this is a challenge

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board January 29, 2021

Though we’re glad 2020 is over, here are our favorite movies and shows released in the past year to get you through the quarantine and the rest of the semester.

Class Council

Class of 2023 and Class of 2024 Councils share details, logistics on return to campus

By Harshil Patel, Ria Massoni, Kailey Swanson, Ketu Patel, Sid Shah, Rylie Maready, Jacqueline Koziol, and Faizah Rabbye January 19, 2021

In preparation for the upcoming Spring semester, the Class of 2023 and Class of 2024 Class Councils share academic resources, what to expect during move-in, and an overview of residential life and remote learning in the Spring.


Students share their concerns about returning to campus

By Maya Johnson January 18, 2021

Students returning to campus for the Spring semester face increased risk of COVID-19 by rejoining the Rensselaer community. Five students share their views on remote learning, the return to campus, and the COVID-19 vaccine, among other topics, with The Polytechnic.


Class of 2023 and Class of 2024 Councils announce joint town hall

By Ria Massoni, Harshil Patel, Kamilia Nicolas, Kailey Swanson January 8, 2021

Class of 2023 President Harshil Patel, Class of 2023 Vice President Kailey Swanson, Class of 2024 President Kamilia Nicolas, and Class of 2024 Vice President Ria Massoni provide details on the upcoming student-led town halls on January 17 and January 18.


Academic Calendar updates: Less than two weeks break before Summer semester

By Sarah Shiang January 5, 2021

After an announcement moving the start of the semester to January 25, the new Academic Calendar has updated Spring finals dates, with no change to the start of the Summer semester or Commencement.