December 2019

On-Campus Event

Mueller Center hosts fourth Thanksgiving feast

By Varun Rao December 4, 2019
The Mueller Center hosted a Thanksgiving meal for students that were on Rensselaer’s campus for Thanksgiving break in the McNeil Room on Thursday, November 28.
Student Senate

Student Government discusses facility issues

By Medhini Mankale December 4, 2019

The Facilities and Services Committee presented a follow-up report to the senate about facilities concerns found during the Light Walk. In addition, the Arch Task Force introduced a mental health module to its Arch preparatory course, and the Hospitality Advisory Services Committee announced several projects that will begin implementation next semester.

Editorial Notebook

Appreciating the positive memories in my life during Thanksgiving

By Namish Gali December 4, 2019

This Thanksgiving, my aunt asked all of us at the dinner table to think of things we were thankful for this year, which got me thinking about everything that’s happened in the past 12 months. Although the origins of Thanksgiving are rooted in giving thanks for a good harvest, a materialistic blessing, I think holidays like these are important because they give you a moment to look around to appreciate the people, good memories, and other intangible blessings of your life.


Putting the Union in perspective

By Caitlin Kennedy December 1, 2019

Members of the Executive Board and the Senate attended the 70th annual Association of College Unions International Region VIII Conference this past weekend.

Executive Board

Mediterranean Student Club is now Union recognized

By Michelle Samour December 1, 2019

The Executive Board approved Union recognition for the Mediterranean Student Club, and the Art Club received Union funding on Thursday.