November 2019

On-Campus Event

Rensselaer Concert Choir delivers angelic performance

By August Gehrman November 26, 2019

The Rensselaer Concert Choir gave a breathtaking performance in the Chapel + Cultural Center on Sunday night. The concert included pieces from composers that stretched across a timespan of almost five centuries—from the mid-sixteenth up to the mid-twentieth century.

Empac Event

Rensselaer Orchestra entrances audience

By Medhini Mankale November 26, 2019

The Rensselaer Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Chamberlain, performed at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center on Saturday. The orchestra played pieces from various eras of classical music, with compositions from Jean-Baptiste Lully, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Franz Schubert, and Pyotr-Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

On-Campus Event

Students enjoy delicious desserts for Turkey Day

By August Gehrman November 26, 2019

Students chow down at the Mueller Center while learning traditions, history, and fun facts about Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America.

Movie Review

Ford v Ferrari explores the meaning of passion

By Namish Gali November 26, 2019

Ford v Ferrari—directed by the eclectic James Mangold—is a rare film. A film that left me in deep, soulful contemplation long after it ended. Before I went to see the film, I’d already known most of the story. As this is a well-documented event in racing history, I didn’t expect to be completely blown away by it.

Executive Board

RPI Rudras granted funds to compete in Pittsburgh

By Michelle Samour November 26, 2019

President Sanjana Davuluri ’20 and Treasurer Nirav Patel ’20 of the Desi Network of Dance stood before the Board for approval of the RPI Rudras to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in February to compete in the Dhirana Competition, an Indian classical dance competition. They requested a budget from travel contingencies for this purpose.


I need a remake of The Future Is Wild

By Harrison Todd November 26, 2019

Managing Editor Harrison Todd considers the state of speculative evolution in 2019, and how it can be improved through new adaptations of forgotten media.

Top Hat

What happened to the create-your-own meal plan?

By Meagan Lettko November 22, 2019

Grand Marshal Meagan Lettko explains her experience with the create-your-own meal plan and why it was removed.

Executive Board

Two women's clubs gain Union affiliation

By Medhini Mankale November 20, 2019

The Executive Board approved the annual art show held by the Black Students Alliance and the Union recognition of Women’s Club Basketball and Women in Business on Thursday.

Executive Board

Over $60,000 approved for new Playhouse sound system

By Michelle Samour November 20, 2019
The Executive Board approved over $60,000 for the purchase of new sound equipment for the RPI Playhouse on Thursday.
The Arch

Student survey reveals negative views of Arch

By Brookelyn Parslow and Avery Sommer November 20, 2019

A survey conducted by the Student Senate showed that 78 percent of respondents were unsatisfied with the Arch after they participated in it. 94 percent of respondents thought that students should be able to live in off-campus housing during the Arch. 64 percent of respondents said they would not participate in the Arch if it were optional.

Empac Event

A night of vivid, veracious visuals from Venezuela

By Namish Gali November 20, 2019

“I am Tráfico Visual,” said Ileana Ramírez in her talk about her life’s work. Last week Ramírez, a resident of Venezuela and founder of Tráfico Visual, visited the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer to tell her story. Due to the issues in Venezuela last March, she couldn't travel to America and deliver her talk. However, this event went on without a hitch.

Editorial Notebook

It’s not all fun and games: programming gender roles within toys

By Sarah Shiang November 20, 2019

A few weeks ago, my friends and I took a trip to Walmart and I ended up walking through the aisles of toys.

Editorial Notebook

Remembering the men in my life on International Men’s Day

By Namish Gali November 20, 2019
Today is a day that I’m fairly certain none of you are aware of. International Men’s Day—celebrated each year on November 19—isn’t an incredibly well-known event, but it is recognized in over 80 countries and several U.S.
Women's Hockey

Princeton wipes the ice with RPI

By Theo Severud November 20, 2019

Rensselaer Women’s Hockey continues their losing streak as they are defeated by Princeton 4‒1, bringing their league record to 0‒6‒0.

Editorial Notebook

You need to read Bradbury

By Andrew Days November 20, 2019

Associate Photography Editor Andrew Days describes how he went from hating Bradbury to loving him.

Editorial Notebook

How to be creative at a tech school

By Rachel Wang November 20, 2019

A few days ago, for the first time since starting college, I sat down and played with colorful makeup—one of my favorite art forms. Tinkering with different textures and colors, I was transported from my suffocatingly warm dorm to a meditative state where I felt stress-free for the first time since arriving on campus.

Club Event

Highlights from art show: wombs in a room

By Harrison Todd November 20, 2019

Artwork and performances filled the Russell Sage Banquet Hall on Saturday evening during the show hosted by Rensselaer’s Black Students’ Association. Several dozen pieces were on display, ranging from traditional drawings and paintings to photography, animations, and other digital works.

union after dark

Squash Mosh neither squished nor smashed expectations

By Anushka Potdar November 20, 2019

UPAC’s Union After Dark: Squash Mosh featured The Rusty Pipes, Rensselyrics, the dance group Eighth Wonder, and indie-pop band Black Tie Stereo. Attendees were treated to complimentary pumpkin pie, candy, and juice boxes. In addition to watching performances, attendees had the opportunity to paint squash, create sand art, play board games, purchase airbrushed clothing, and participate in the premiere of UPAC and TeamRPI’s “Minecraft Hunger Games” competition, which was projected live with commentary for everyone to watch.

Empac Event

Students gather to witness "The Galactic Premiere"

By Anushka Potdar November 20, 2019

Kurt Hentschläger’s “EKO,” publicized as “a splendid void of darkness,” clearly piqued the interests of many Rensselaer students. Unlike any other event I have attended at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, all tickets were completely sold out and an additional showing was added to accommodate more attendees. Even following this second showing, more students waited eagerly in the lobby for a possible opportunity to experience the piece.

Executive Board

Disc Golf and Project Sunshine now Union clubs

By Michelle Samour November 20, 2019

The Executive Board unanimously approved three programs for the African Student Association, granted Union recognition to the Disc Golf Club, and granted Union affiliation to Project Sunshine on Thursday.


RPI introduces four new majors

By Sarah Shiang November 20, 2019

Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Analytics; Communication, Media and Design; and music have been added to Rensselaer’s offerings. In January of 2020, biological neuroscience will be added to the School of Science.

Club Event

Diwali show brings Bollywood to campus

By Pragati Pant November 20, 2019

The Indian Students Association’s Diwali show on Saturday proved to be a fun night of laughs, performances, and delicious food. The Bollywood inspired show included a skit from ISA members and performances from RPI Bhangra, RPI Raaga, RPI Rudras, and other club members.

Student Senate

Counseling Center recommendations endorsed

By Shardul Joshi November 15, 2019

The Senate passed a motion to endorse the Counseling Center recommendations, expressed support for the establishment of “Hail! Dear Old Rensselaer!” as the school’s official fight song, and heard reports from various senators on Monday.

Club Event

RPI Players bring bountiful banter onstage with Pride and Prejudice

By Medhini Mankale November 15, 2019

As I walked into the Playhouse to catch the open dress rehearsal of the RPI Players’ Pride and Prejudice, I was greeted by the production manager, Isabel Donelson, and various other crew members rushing around making sure everything was in place.

Student Senate

Changes made to Counseling Center

By Medhini Mankale November 13, 2019

The addition of two counselors, drop-in counseling, and the ability for students to book their first appointments online were some of the recent changes to the Counseling Center presented by the Student Life Committee on November 4.


Students work on AI, natural disaster, education solutions at HackRPI

By Pragati Pant November 13, 2019

An accessibility assessment application, a wildfire detection device, a disaster evacuation application, and a peer-to-peer service were all developed within a day at the Darrin Communications Center last weekend at HackRPI.

Editorial Notebook

Looking at my past with a new perspective

By Namish Gali November 13, 2019

“I’ve had to struggle and fight and that’s made me strong,” said Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender, as he looked out from a frosty cave in the middle of the North Pole. Although he still didn’t fully come to terms with his past, and this wasn’t the end of this emotional journey, that moment was a monumental one for him, marking the point at which he chose to fully embrace the disgrace of his past.

Letter To The Editor

RPI’s actions reinforced my decision not to donate

By Jessica Reichard '01 November 13, 2019

I was disgusted to see the local news' article, “CBS 6 INVESTIGATES: Federal Government Investigations into Sex Assaults at RPI.”


Gallery: Engineers dominate Ithaca Bombers

By August Gehrman November 13, 2019

On Saturday the high temperature might’ve been 39 degrees, but Rensselaer Football defeated the Ithaca Bombers 38‒12 on Saturday. With this victory, RPI makes their record 3‒2 with one game remaining away against Union College on November 16.

On-Campus Event

UPAC Comedy hosts first open mic night

By Varun Rao November 13, 2019

UPAC Comedy is known for inviting comedians to come to Rensselaer and perform, but last Tuesday was the first time it held an event for RPI students to perform their own material for the community.

Community Event

A night of courage, wonder at Troy's Got Talent

By Namish Gali November 13, 2019

“It takes balls to do that.” Those were the words of wisdom my friend had to offer as we witnessed a bold solo performance at Troy’s Got Talent on Saturday. The first annual Troy’s Got Talent was hosted by the Community Relations Committee of the Student Senate and was held in the Heffner Alumni House—a cozy locale for the 50-or-so attendees.

On-Campus Event

PSS: Looking on the bright side of campus

By August Gehrman November 13, 2019

WeR, a student organization that promotes spirit on campus, held the ceremony for the lighting of the trees on the walkway between the ’86 Field and the Ricketts Building on November 4. The gathering was a pleasant break from classes with performances by the Rusty Pipes and Rensselyrics, as well as complimentary hot chocolate and sweets to take the edge off a chilly night.


Here's how to appeal your club’s budget

By Caitlin Kennedy November 13, 2019

President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy gives an overview of the E-Board budgeting process and how clubs can appeal their budgets.

Executive Board

$35,000 approved for multicultural lounge renovations

By Madeline Wilson November 6, 2019

Seven months ago, the 49th Executive Board approved the shifting of the current Multicultural Lounge in the Union and the creation of a new one to be completed over the summer. On Thursday, the current E-Board approved up to $35,000 to be spent on “renovating the spaces.”

Executive Board

Dungeons and Dragons, RPI Yu-Gi-Oh! now Union-recognized clubs

By Shardul Joshi November 6, 2019

The Executive Board met on Halloween to vote on club requests for budgets and official Union recognitions.


Spooky pumpkin painting for Halloween

By Avery Sommer November 6, 2019

This past week, students gathered in the Mueller Center to paint decorations in honor of Halloween. They were provided the pumpkins as well as many different colors of acrylic paint. Students were able to get creative and have fun in the midst of the hectic midterm season.

Editorial Notebook

Data Structures is just the beginning

By Pragati Pant November 6, 2019

It’s no surprise that one of the most talked about courses on campus is Data Structures. This mostly freshman course provides an excellent, in-depth accumulation of information—ranging from the basics of C++ to memory management within various customizable data structures. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about the internal workings of the many data structures I now take for granted while coding.

Editorial Notebook

Don't follow your dreams, revisited

By Deena Kassem November 6, 2019

About a year ago, when I was the opinion’s editor of my high school newspaper, I wrote an article titled “Don’t Follow Your Dreams.” Please don’t look it up. The article was clickbaity and not what it seems. It was a message to my class to let them know that it was ok if they got rejected by their dream schools. I ended my piece with the haunting line: “Wherever I end up, dream school or not, I am sure that it will be the right place for me.”


Don’t be silenced: we are citizens too

By Stephanie Black November 6, 2019
Pan-Africanism. The term has been demoralized by oppressors to mean separatism, terrorism, anti-nationalism,and so on, but is actually a term used to promote unification and identity.
Empac Event

Tour reveals EMPAC’s behind the scenes treasures

By Anushka Potdar November 6, 2019

Lead Video Engineer Eric Brucker led an informative tour of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center’s public venues, private production rooms, and hidden spaces. Participants’ thoughtful questions and the stunning views of EMPAC delightfully kickstarted my weekend.


Gallery: Engineers edge out Buffalo in close victory

By Theo Severud and Deena Kassem November 6, 2019

The Rensselaer Engineers defeated the SUNY Buffalo Bengals 28‒26 on November 2 at the East Campus Athletic Village Stadium. In the end, Rensselaer’s Peter Lombardi ’22, Marc Meislahn ’20, and Joe Scaglione ’22 were the difference makers, scoring four touchdowns between them and defeating Buffalo State.


How to start your own club

By Caitlin Kennedy November 6, 2019

President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy walks through the process of creating a club on campus, starting from the idea and ending with getting a Union budget.

Top Hat

Updates on student life, counseling

By Meagan Lettko November 6, 2019
As the Grand Marshal, a big part of my job is meeting with people and having conversations about the current state of our campus community.