January 2019

Campus Event

RPI hosts ICCA quarter finals

By Akanksha Singh and Alex-Ait-Ettajer January 30, 2019
10 a cappella groups from five universities dazzled the crowd with their melodies and arrangements at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella quarterfinals on Saturday.
Greek Life

Takeaways from the Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force

By John Stotz and Brookelyn Parslow January 30, 2019
The Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force, a document outlining the state of Greek life and recommendations for improvement, was released on Friday.
Movie Review

Bandersnatch: edgy, new way to watch a movie

By Serge Piskun January 30, 2019
When you think of the phrase “choose your own adventure,” more likely than not, what comes to mind are those old books you used to read as a kid.

How we make budgeting decisions

By Justin Etzine January 30, 2019
Budgeting is hard. Sure, there are the several financial concepts forming the core of the process, and there are policies and best practices to adhere to.

We need political reform in the foster care system

By Akanksha Singh January 30, 2019
Foster care is a peculiar institution that allows for a minor who cannot return home for whatever reason, to find a home with a government certified caregiver.
Editorial Notebook

Becoming the Hanukkah police

By Lisa Knuckey January 30, 2019
Let’s clear one thing up: Hanukkah is not just “blue Christmas.” A blue and white wreath is no more Jewish than mashing up a few french fries and calling it a latke (although that wreath may have just been another Christmas decoration aimed toward Yankees fans anyway).
Tv Series Review

Cuckoo: unknown and surprising, worth watching

By Pragati Pant January 30, 2019
A few weeks ago, I found myself bored scrolling through Netflix. I had just finished the popular show BoJack Horseman, when I came across Cuckoo.
On-Campus Event

Fresh Check Day upcoming at the Mueller Center

By Pragati Pant January 30, 2019
Within the past few years, the Mueller Center has expanded its wellness initiative to incorporate mental health.
Letter To The Editor

Here are some Spring Career Fair tips

By Meaghan Johnson January 30, 2019
Student Senate

Elections Reform Task Force presents recommendations for future elections

By Brookelyn Parslow January 24, 2019
Grand Marshal Stef Warner ’19 and Elections Commission Chairperson Zachary Taylor ’21 presented The Elections Reform Task Force Report—a culmination of recommendations regarding the GM Week 2018 elections—on January 14.
Editorial Notebook

Stop using media to judge your love life

By Pragati Pant January 23, 2019
My freshman year of high school—a whole whopping six years ago—consisted of multiple hours watching Gossip Girl, and dreaming over having that lifestyle.
Executive Board

Construction of hearthstone, fireplace in McNeil approved

By Quinn Gangadharan January 23, 2019
Director of the Union Charlie Potts and President of the Union Justin Etzine came before the Rensselaer Executive Board seeking approval of “up to $45,000 from Union Reserves” for the “construction of a hearthstone (including an electric fireplace)” in the McNeil Room and “any necessary design and labor fees associated with the project.” The motion called for relocating, to this new hearthstone, the plaques dedicated to the Grand Marshal, President of the Union, donors towards the 2000 renovation, and portraits of former Director of the Union Rick Hartt and founding Director of the Archer Center Linda McCloskey.

Reflections on the Women’s March: reclaiming our time, our space

By Justina Thompson '20 January 23, 2019
I went to a different kind of Women’s March Saturday. A march where we didn’t praise the pink hats because not all pussies are pink.
Movie Review

Birdbox disappointing: lacks commitment, consistency

By Madeline Wilson January 23, 2019
In the past few weeks, another Netflix original took the internet by storm. But, this time, rather than a wholesome romance or a playful Christmas movie, it was a thriller: Bird Box.

My responsibilities as President of the Union

By Justin Etzine January 23, 2019
The hustle and bustle of the semester seems to have already kicked into full swing, and feet of snow seem to not be slowing it down!
Club Event

BSA showcases live performances, clothes at art show

By Madeline Wilson January 23, 2019
The Black Student Association held its second art show of the year on Friday. This show focused more on live performances, rather than still art.
Editorial Notebook

McDonald’s taught me about relationships

By Madeline Wilson January 23, 2019
Usually, when I tell people I worked at McDonald’s they laugh. People who’ve never been behind the counter at a fast food place see it as a different universe, and when I tell them I’m from that universe it catches them off guard.
Campus Security

Anti-president graffiti found, removed

By John Stotz January 23, 2019
Graffiti was found at two locations on campus on Thursday morning, both bearing the same message: “FUCK SHIRLEY ANN.” One was located at the top of the stairs to Freshman Hill and the other at the stairs that connect the Quadrangle Complex to the 15th Street Footbridge.
Top Hat

Administrators must increase collaboration with student leaders

By Stefanie Warner January 23, 2019
Welcome back from winter break, RPI! I hope you all had a very happy holiday season! Throughout my time within Student Government, accountability and fulfillment of responsibilities have been rather frequent topics of contention.
Letter To The Editor

Administration should follow through on promises, release draft report

By Presidents of Greek Organizations at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute January 16, 2019
Dear members of the Rensselaer community, As presidents of our respective Greek organizations, we sent the below letter on Thursday, December 20th to Vice President for Information Services and Technology and Chief Information Officer John Kolb ’79 and Interim Vice President for Student Life LeNorman Strong—the administrators tasked with coordinating the Greek Life Task Force—with the intention of making the letter public shortly thereafter.
Letter To The Editor

Last train for Troy: Rensselaer model railroad in danger

By James Lauser ‘05 January 16, 2019
Troy’s grandiose Beaux Arts styled Union Station closed its doors over 60 years ago. A few years later, it was demolished.
Empac Event

Art installation pays homage to Shakespeare

By Madeline Wilson and Sidney Kochman January 16, 2019
Professor Michael Century took over the EMPAC Goodman Studio 1 to perform his sound art installation The Isle is Full of Noises.
Tv Series Review

3 Below: ingenious addition to Tales of Arcadia

By Namish Gali January 16, 2019
3 Below is a show that’s part of Tales of Arcadia, a fictional universe consisting of a trilogy of TV shows created by Guillermo Del Toro, animated by Dreamworks and hosted by Netflix.