November 2018


Many human issues are systemic, not individual

By Rex Hu November 28, 2018
Let’s talk about bitches. I don’t mean basic bitches or bad bitches, just bitches. Assholes. Dicks. I have a burning question to ask: why do we hate them? See, my sister brought this topic up to me once.
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Complete the Student Senate survey before it closes today

By Stefanie Warner November 28, 2018
Hello, RPI! I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your Thanksgiving break! I trust that you all caught up on some sleep, spent time with people you haven’t seen in a while, or did something that your busy schedules haven’t allowed for in the recent weeks.
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ISA puts on great Diwali show

By Madeline Wilson and Pragati Pant November 28, 2018
Diwali, also referred to as Deepavali, is the Hindu festival of lights, that signifies the win of good over evil.
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Netflix animation She-Ra disappoints

By Namish Gali November 28, 2018
I never saw myself watching this show; but after hearing about the controversies it stirred up, I was intrigued enough to give the show a try, and I actually enjoyed myself in the process.
On-Campus Event

Campus event sheds light on ethical allyship

By Pragati Pant November 28, 2018
On November 12th, the Multicultural Leadership Council and the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers partnered together and hosted an event about ethical allyship.
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Brave Space: a forum for students to express themselves

By Namish Gali November 28, 2018
Brave Space is an open forum for students to talk about about issues or experiences that concern them and bring about positive change at RPI, hosted by the Multicultural Leadership Council alongside the Black Students’ Alliance and facilitated by Assistant Director of Student Activities Miciah Yehudah.
On-Campus Event

RMA Concert features various small music groups, talented performances

By Madeline Wilson and Pragati Pant November 28, 2018
Last Sunday, the Rensselaer Music Association held a concert to showcase Rensselaer’s many small music groups.
Student Senate

Greek Life Task Force presents to the Senate

By Nicholas Luczak November 28, 2018
This week the Student Senate received a progress update from the Greek Life Task Force and voted to remove Anthony Dai as Independent Senator.

Vaccines: balancing individual freedoms and public health

By Quinn Gangadharan November 28, 2018
In 2000, not a single internal transmission of measles occurred in the United States, due to strong immunization.
Student Senate

Pre-Campaign Guidelines passed

By Nicholas Luczak November 17, 2018
On Monday, the Student Senate voted on changes to Pre-Campaign Guidelines as proposed by Elections Commission Chairperson Zachary Taylor ’21, discussed a presentation on the work-in-progress 2019 Elections Handbook, and voted to impeach Independent Senator Anthony Dai.
Town Meeting

Takeaways from the Fall Town Meeting

By John Stotz and Brookelyn Parslow November 14, 2018
Students and faculty filled the Concert Hall of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center for President Shirley Ann Jackson’s Fall Town Meeting on October 31.
Movie Review

Green Book comments on racism, importance of friendship

By Namish Gali November 14, 2018
When dealing with racism, some films, like The Blind Side or Crash (2004) aim to stir up tensions and divide critics.
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Castlevania: a graphic, riveting animated fantasy

By Namish Gali November 14, 2018
Movies and TV shows developed from video games are notorious for being complete garbage. This perception has been a trend that only a few have been able to unlatch themselves from.
Executive Board

RMA funding postponed again

By Quinn Gangadharan November 14, 2018
The Rensselaer Music Association came before the Union Executive Board requesting the reallocation of funds and subsidy for the lease of two baritone saxophones and one timpani drum.

Here’s some advice on effective communication

By Justin Etzine November 14, 2018
Hi, RPI! Today, I’d like to discuss a topic we’ve covered extensively in our MBA program, which I feel is applicable and pertinent to all group dynamics: handling conflict with constructive criticism.
Editorial Notebook

Rekindling my joy for reading

By Serge Piskun November 14, 2018
This past weekend I went to go visit my girlfriend in Washington D.C. I chose to drive down due to the outrageous costs of train tickets and the inconvenience of plane departure times.
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Student Senate wants to hear your feedback

By Stefanie Warner November 14, 2018
Hello, RPI! The Fall Student Senate Survey is now live! Annually, the Student Senate and each of its committees contribute to the production of a survey.
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Crazy Rich Asians flashy, glamorous

By Pragati Pant November 14, 2018
With its flashy scenery and glamorous outfits, Crazy Rich Asians will have you falling in love instantly.
Tv Series

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ends on a suspenseful high note

By Namish Gali November 7, 2018
Before watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I would’ve claimed that Netflix has yet to produce a dark, serious, compelling, live-action teenage drama.

Deadlines approaching for Fiscal Year 2020

By Justin Etzine November 7, 2018
Hi everyone! I apologize for the rather short update this week. We are getting ready for one of the most exciting times of the year: budgeting for Fiscal Year 2020!

RPI-Sage Hillel hosts remembrance after shooting

By Brookelyn Parslow November 7, 2018
On Saturday night, members of the Rensselaer community gathered around the fountain near Commons Dining Hall to remember the lives of the 11 people who were murdered in an anti-Semitic attack in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27.
Executive Board

Ambulance purchase approved

By Quinn Gangadharan November 7, 2018
On Wednesday, October 31, RPI Ambulance requested $60,000 from the Executive Board to use towards the purchase of a new box style ambulance.

The implications of global drought

By Nicholas Luczak November 7, 2018
Water: the essence of all life. Without it, our crops shrivel up, our streets become polluted, and people die from dehydration.
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BSA hosts first art show

By Brookelyn Parslow November 7, 2018
On Friday, the Black Students’ Alliance hosted its first-ever art show in the Greene Building Gallery, as a prelude to its annual fashion show in February.
Campus Event

Union After Dark features Black Tie Stereo, student performances

By Namish Gali, Brookelyn Parslow, and Alexandre Ait-Ettajer November 7, 2018
On Saturday, the McNeil Room was cleared of tables to make room for Union After Dark: Board Games Edition with Black Tie Stereo, a four-piece pop band based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania.