January 2018

Letter To The Editor

You reap what you sow

By Ryan Govostes January 31, 2018
Mr. Eastin, I have read the letter from Dr. Bystroff, which you considered worthy of bringing to the attention of alumni of the Institute.
Editorial Notebook

Too much entertainment

By Tyler Carney January 31, 2018
My parents raised me to be frugal, especially when it comes to entertainment. I went to the movies twice during my K–12 education, and I still feel bad about paying $10 or more to watch a movie in the theaters.
Editor's Corner

Poly given subsidy for Fiscal Year 2019

By Brookelyn Parslow January 31, 2018
If you found me a year and a half ago and told me I would eventually be the editor in chief of The Polytechnic, I would have almost certainly said, “What is an editor in chief?” Looking back, the amount that I’ve learned from the paper alone is unbelievable to me.
Executive Board

Livestreaming discussed, no decision made

By Darby Burns January 31, 2018
The Executive Board meeting that took place on January 25 consisted mainly of the approval of proposals by the Interplanetary Society and Ultimate Frisbee, as well as approval of a new club training policy.

Eastin shares contentious email

By Brookelyn Parslow January 31, 2018
“OK, I’ll say it. Shame on you,” wrote Professor and Director of the Bioinformatics Program Chris Bystroff, in an email directly addressing alumni who have stopped donating to Rensselaer since President Shirley Ann Jackson assumed her position.
Student Senate

Undergrad, grad activity fees: $394, $342

By Nicholas Luczak January 31, 2018
The Student Senate convened Wednesday to discuss and vote on the Fiscal Year 2019 Union Activity Fee and class dues, among other things.
Editor's Corner

Have you been considering going vegan?

By Brookelyn Parslow January 31, 2018
With the new year and all of the resolutions that come along with it, I’ve had a few friends and family members ask me about going vegan: how to do it, how to enjoy it, and how to make it easy.
Letter To The Editor

Renew Rensselaer based in facts, analysis

By Renew Rensselaer January 31, 2018
To the RPI community: On Monday evening, RPI’s Vice President for Institute Advancement Graig Eastin sent an email to all RPI alumni in response to a recent Albany Times Union article about Renew Rensselaer.
Top Hat

Disheartened by RPI’s lack of understanding

By Justin Etzine January 31, 2018
On Monday night, RPI alumni from around the world opened their inboxes to find a forwarded email accusing them of racism, sexism, and heightism for discontinuing support of their alma mater during Dr.
Letter To The Editor

Racism present, but not in alumni body

By William G. von Achen January 31, 2018
To the editor of The Polytechnic: It is difficult to imagine an institute of higher learning doing more to alienate its alumni than the recent actions of Vice President for Institute Advancement Graig Eastin.
Letter To The Editor

MLK misquoted, repercussions severe

By Michael J. Gardner II ’17 G ’18 January 31, 2018
Graig and Chris, I trust my peers in the Rensselaer community to address many of the baseless points that your email outlined.
Movie Review

Film displays exceptional storyline, score

By Tanner Vargas January 31, 2018
Set in the countryside of a sun-drenched 1983 Italy, Luca Guadagnino’s masterwork film, Call Me By Your Name, is a revelation in cinematography and acting, rich in tone and tenderness.
Album Review

Artist promotes restorative message through Latin, R&B influenced album

By Pragati Pant January 31, 2018
Splitting from her former group, Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello emerges with her first solo album, titled Camila.
Downtown Troy

Market a must-go

By The Poly January 31, 2018
Food Review

Nugget review

By Crystal Vejar January 31, 2018
When I think chicken nuggets, my mind automatically goes to “McDonald’s,” but are these really the best nuggs around, or are they just some of the most popular? This weekend, members of The Polytechnic Jonathan Caicedo ’19, Rex Hu ’19, Sidney Kochman ’19, Nicholas Luczak ’20, Joseph Lyon ’20, Serge Piskun ’20, and I decided to do a chicken nugget review to find out which place in town has the best chicken nuggets.
Letter To The Editor

Students raise alarm

By Save the Union January 31, 2018
To the RPI community: A recent email from Professor Chris Bystroff, responding to the press coverage of Renew Rensselaer, was distributed to the faculty and forwarded to all alumni by Vice President for Institute Advancement Graig Eastin.
Executive Board

Turning Point denied Union affiliation

By Darby Burns January 24, 2018
On Thursday, January 18, people crowded into the Shelnutt Gallery on the third floor of the Union to witness the third discussion of a motion to approve Turning Point USA at Rensselaer as a Union-affiliated club.

Alumnus: ‘I want to fix RPI’

By Brookelyn Parslow January 24, 2018
This weekend, Renew Rensselaer—a collective of alumni led by former President of the Union Bill Criss ’69, Ted Mirczak ’66, Peter Vanderzee ’70, and John Krob ’78—launched, a website that outlines perceived issues with Rensselaer and a platform geared toward fixing them.
Student Senate

Winter Break shortened due to Arch

By Brookelyn Parslow January 24, 2018
The Student Senate adjourned its first meeting of the semester after only 24 minutes, having addressed the reduction of the length of Winter Break in the 2018–2019 academic calendar, the few vacant Senate positions, and progress on committee projects.
Editorial Notebook

Growing mentally, physically from theft

By Anahit Hovhannisyan January 24, 2018
My wallet was stolen. It was taken from my possession without warning or cause, and I did nothing to stop it.
Editorial Notebook

Hollywood should not stop at hashtags

By Anna Koenig January 24, 2018
Sunday, January 7 marked the 75th annual Golden Globe award show, honoring the best in this year’s films and television shows.
Letter To The Editor

Frustrations of senior engineering student

By Maria Kozdroy January 24, 2018
My friends know me as one who can rant about issues, but also as one who follows up with the right people to try to resolve them.

Turning Point denied Union club status

By Matthew Rand January 24, 2018
Hello everyone! Welcome back for the Spring semester! I hope that you all enjoyed your Winter Break and the holiday season.
Off-Campus Event

Women’s March continues in Albany

By Crystal Vejar January 24, 2018
On Saturday, I attended the Women’s March in Albany, one of many marches to pop up around the country in remembrance of the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.
Concert Review

Walk the Moon maintains alternative pop-rock sound while promoting album

By Emma Goldman January 24, 2018
Walking into the Upstate Concert Hall, you could feel a hum of excitement in the crowd filing in. Tickets for the Press Restart tour had sold out almost instantly upon their release back in December, and when more tickets became available later, there was still incredibly high demand.
Tv Review

Vibrant characters rejuvenate TV genre

By Anahit Hovhannisyan January 24, 2018
Set in the ’50s, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a refreshing new comedy television series on Amazon Prime.
Movie Review

Unique film enchants

By Serge Piskun January 24, 2018
Over Winter Break, I met up with a few of my friends to watch a movie I knew pretty much nothing about.