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Full issue: April 26, 2017

The Rensselaer Polytechnic April 26, 2017

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Worldwide marches support scientific research

On Saturday, April 22, Earth Day, thousands convened on the west lawn of the New York State Capitol building to march at one of over 600 marches for science across the nation. Before the march, volunteers coordinated over 40 educational displays, demonstrations, experiments, and crafts for those attending. The activities were tabled by science clubs, colleges, businesses, organizations, and museums. In addition to the family friendly displays, 100 science professionals participated in “Meet the Scientists,” a program where each science representative wore a name tag labeled with their area of expertise to allow kids and others to ask questions and get to know what they do in the science community. The expo on the west lawn was a great way to spend Earth Day, and brought many in the community together to stand for science, research, education, and the environment. Read more...

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Student course evaluations should be public

Open course evaluations could help students in choosing professors for their next semester

For my Speech Communications class, for our final two speeches, we have to talk about a change we want to see here at RPI. My proposed topic is that of publicizing course evaluations to students. This idea has been implemented in varying degrees at universities across the country, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dartmouth, Stanford, and others. Through my research, I think that having some variation of open evaluations here at RPI would be beneficial to students. Read more...

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The Void recreates ’80s thrill with modern tech

Over Easter, I went home, back to the mythical land of Massachusetts, to partake in the age-old tradition that is watching horror movies at late hours with friends. This week, we watched The Void, a throwback to a different age of horror movies. Read more...

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Diversity, race issues confronted in campus forum

On Monday, a group of students from the Race as a Global Challenge course hosted an event focused on race and diversity on campus in Mother’s Wine Emporium. The first hour was a seminar geared toward leaders of multicultural groups on campus, which then opened up to the public for general discussion. Read more...

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Transportation revolution found in elevators

When you think about modes of transportation, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s probably along the lines of cars, planes, buses, and trains. However, one mode of transportation that has had a significant impact on human history, and one that may not come to our minds very quickly, is the elevator. Chances are, almost everyone has taken an elevator at some point in their life. Countless people every day use elevators to go to work, move supplies, construct buildings, and go home. Concepts of the elevators existed for a long time in history, with Archimedes creating a primitive elevator in 236 B.C. However, in 1852, Elisha Graves Otis invented a safety brake that revolutionized the vertical transport industry. Read more...

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RPI students compete in steel bridge competition

From Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening, 10 members of the Steel Bridge Team, including myself, attended the Upstate New York American Society of Civil Engineers Regionals Conference. The conference consisted of competitions for building of steel bridges and racing of concrete canoes. Read more...

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New members of Executive Board confirmed

Grand Marshal Justin Etzine ‘18 opened the Student Senate meeting with committee reports. Those began with Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson Risheel Gabbireddy ’19 who stated that the committee is currently working on the process to appoint a faculty member to the Institute’s tenure committee. The committee will also be discussing upcoming projects that it will work on beginning next semester. Following Gabbireddy, Community Relations Chairperson Michael Gardner ’17 stated that he will be meeting soon with Chris Nolin, Rensselaer’s Director of Community and State Relations to discuss RPI’s relationship with the local community and how the Senate can help improve that relationship. Read more...

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Staff Editorial

Enjoy your summer vacation

Take advantage of your time away from Rensselaer

During the semester, school takes up a lot of time. It can be extremely stressful to manage your own personal interests while succeeding in a rigorous academic program. The summer allows for opportunities to explore your interests, further your career, and do things you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Read more...

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Kendrick Lamar releases latest hit

Kendrick Lamar has been on a super-streak since the release of his first studio album, Section.80, and it doesn’t look like he is running out of ideas anytime soon. On April 14, he delivered a new album titled DAMN., featuring 14 tracks. The album presents a different style than Kendrick’s previous works, highlighting his versatility as an artist. With new complex beats, fewer external artist features, and interesting uses of his own voice and storytelling, the album gives off a new modern sound. The story of the album at a basic surface level is of Kendrick overcoming his wickedness and going into his weakness. Read more...

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E-Board approves Publications Suite renovation

The last meeting of the 2016-2017 Executive Board began half an hour earlier than usual, to accommodate the extensive agenda set for the meeting. First on the list was a reallocation request from UPAC. The club has recently gained responsibility for hosting ECAV After Dark, and wanted to reallocate extra money in the UPAC budget to help with the event. The change was approved 10-0-5. Read more...

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Internal Reforms becomes Senate committee

The committee will focus on reviewing operational polices and procedures of the Senate, ensuring open lines of communication between constituents and their representatives

Hey Engineers! I hope everyone is having a strong close to the semester and that everyone’s projects, exams, and assignments are going well. As you’re preparing for finals, I recommend you make use of the resources available to ensure you perform as best as possible. The Advising & Learning Assistance Center coordinates tutoring, supplemental instruction, and other resources for free, and I highly recommend you visit the office in Academy Hall to learn more! Read more...

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NROTC teams participate in MEC

34 midshipmen set out on Friday, April 7 to compete at the annual Villanova Military Excellence Competition in Villanova, Pennsylvania. This MEC, the largest that RPI attends, draws units from all over the East coast and hosts a multitude of events, including platoon and squad drill, athletic competitions, and color guard. Although RPI didn’t send as many competitors as other schools, it still held its own and competitors had a lot of fun! Read more...

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Renovations coming to Publications Suite

After extensive planning, the Executive Board approved renovations for a Veterans Lounge

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the end of the semester. As classes wrap up and we enter finals week, I wish everyone the best of luck on their tests, projects, and papers that will be due in the coming days. I know that I will be working hard, looking forward to the upcoming summer months myself. Read more...

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Ask Brookelyn

Ask Brookelyn: April 26, 2017

How do you deal with RPI when it’s got you down?

I typically force myself to go out and do things with friends, whether it’s going for a walk, going to an event on campus, or just getting food. Luckily, I’ve never really had a problem finding someone to talk to about how I’m feeling. Everyone here knows that RPI can be emotionally taxing at times, so I haven’t felt alone in my experiences. Read more...

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Full issue: April 19, 2017

The Rensselaer Polytechnic April 19, 2017

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Etzine continues with appointments

Grand Marshal Justin Etzine ’18 opened the Student Senate meeting with committee reports. Those began with Interim Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson Varun Rao ’18 who expressed interest in creating a new position for a Senate liaison to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate is a critical component of governance of the Institute and Rao feels that it will be important to have a student representative expressing the interests of the student body during faculty meetings. The AAC is also working with Interim Rules and Elections Committee Chairperson David Raab ’19 to create a new process to elect professors to the tenure committee. Faculty have expressed that they do not wish to appoint their constituents to a committee deciding their own tenure, and would rather an unbiased group of student leaders make the decision. Rao stated that he expects the creation of the new process to be complete by the end of next semester. Read more...

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Reflection, farewell of my three-year journey

For the past three years, I have willfully given up my Tuesday nights to spend a full working day or more in a small office on the third floor of the Rensselaer Union. After all that time, through all of the crazy that took place in RU 3418, it’s time for me to step back and let the next generation take my place. In my last notebook as Editor in Chief, I would like to take time to reflect on my time, and thank those who served with me. Read more...

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Avenue Q bridges gap from hilarity to ’90s nostalgia

After the solemn and sincere Our Town, the RPI Players switch gears as they prepare for this season’s musical, Avenue Q. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it is an homage to Sesame Street that satirizes the story of a young man entering adulthood and the many disillusioning realities he has to face. Read more...

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Runners, fielder breeze past competition

Both the Rensselaer men’s and women’s track and field teams defeated the ten schools invited to compete at Harkness Track and Field on Saturday in the Engineers’ first home meet of the outdoor season. Eight events were won by the women, who compiled 227.5 points, while the men won 11 events to earn 314 points. Read more...

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