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Full issue: December 7, 2016

The Rensselaer Polytechnic December 7, 2016

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GM and PU not told of job posting

Search for new Director of the Union starts behind the backs of students

It is clear that student-administration relations have been strained this year, and it is clear why. It should be clear that administrators have a moral obligation to inform students of changes that are being made, particularly when those changes are likely to have long-standing effects on student life. For all the work that has been done to improve the situation between students and professionals at RPI over the past two semesters, it’s disappointing to see just how little things have changed for students. Read more...

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Starboy reinforces The Weeknd’s stardom

Hailing from outside Toronto, Canadian rapper The Weeknd has had a busy year. Fresh from his fame off of his first full album The Beauty Behind the Madness, the world eagerly awaited what Abel Makkonen Tesfaye might do next in his musical career. With the November 25 release of his new album Starboy, I feel like he has written a compelling argument as to why he deserves to remain at the forefront of the music industry. The Weeknd blends smooth rap verses with interchanged bursts of aggressive EDM synths and jumpy pop melodies, which makes for a unique listening experience. Read more...

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Largest bonspiel yields Engineer succcess

Rensselaer hosted the largest collegiate bonspiel ever held in the nation in the United States Curling Association this past weekend, with 20 teams from 10 schools in attendance. RPI entered five teams into the three-day tournament which ran from Friday evening through Sunday morning at Schenectady Curling Club, where the team practices every Tuesday and Wednesday. Read more...

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New solutions to enhance on-campus safety

On December 5, Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 opened the Student Senate meeting with committee reports. Those reports included a discussion led by Student Government Communications Chair Korey Prendergast ’17, who is currently updating Senate profiles for the Spring 2017 semester. Senate profiles are posted on the Student Government website and are used by students to learn who their elected officials are as well as their contact information. Read more...

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Veterans lounge for students underway

Happy end of the semester! We all managed to make it to the end, just two weeks left until we can all head home for Winter Break. Since this is the last time I’ll be writing to you this semester, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays and good luck on their final exams and projects. Read more...

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3% delivers thrills

As the newest original release from Netflix, Brazilian-produced dystopian thriller 3% seems to be riding on the coattails of the popular Hunger Games franchise. The show debuted its eight-episode first season on November 25, and has quickly become the subject of binge-watches nationwide. Read more...

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Senate passes resolution in response to petition

Students created petition in hopes that the Rensselaer Union can be kept a student-run effort

After approximately eight months, the Student Union Senate passed a resolution 21–0–0 responding to the student petition Preserve the Student Union, which has received 470 signatures–the highest count found on an online student petition to date. The resolution included a brief description of the Rensselaer Union’s history, remarking that the Union, since its founding over 126 years ago, “has been widely hallmarked for its unique, student-run structure and continues to serve as a source of pride, spirit, and admiration for students, faculty, administration, and the greater Rensselaer community.” Read more...

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RPI film showing explores experimental media

On Thursday, December 1, Laure Prouvost showed six of her short films and discussed the inspiration and meaning behind her works at Rensselaer’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center. Her short films were very experimental, fitting the venue, and showcased a lot of different techniques with image, sound, color, and narration. Read more...

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Rensselaer Union

Union Director posting sparks outcry

Position was posted without knowledge or approval of student leaders

On November 29, William Spelman Executive Search posted a job opening for a position in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Division of Student Life, the Director of the Rensselaer Union, after nearly a year of heightened tensions following a protest against proposed Student Life changes this past April. Read more...

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