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The Rensselaer Polytechnic September 28, 2016

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Injuries, rise in thefts prompt Public Safety response

This semester, Rensselaer has seen an unprecedented uptick in bicycle thefts. According to the crime logs kept by the Department of Public Safety, that are available at, 18 bicycle thefts have been reported so far in August and September. This is an increase from four and seven bicycle thefts in the same months of 2014 and 2015, respectively. Read more...

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Editorial notebooks

New perspective on the arts

EMAC major at RPI offers surprising advantages

Rensselaer is a school known for engineering, computer science, and the STEM-related fields. This, however, does not mean that other majors do not exist. Having all of these majors in different types of engineering and science gives so much opportunity for disciplines to mix, work together, and make amazing discoveries or advances in research. I am a dual major now, but when I started here my sole major was Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication (better known as EMAC), and yes, that exists here. Read more...

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Collar City Ramble draws diverse groups

With the realization that Fall has officially started, and the fact that I have a little less than three months on this campus, I wanted to be able to enjoy Troy’s wonderful weather and myriad of events during the Fall season. On September 2, Transport Troy hosted its annual Collar City Ramble on Saturday, October 2, an event that encourages residents to explore Troy in unconventional ways. The Ramble aims to “build a trail for multimodal transportation,” as well as “connect significant places in Troy to neighboring communities, such as schools, libraries, cultural sites and transportation hubs.” The ramble was all around Troy, from kayaking down the Hudson, to hiking trails in the many parks of Troy, to a bike tour down the length of the city. A shuttle stopped by at River and Front, next to the Farmers’ market, so participants could move from one event to the next. Read more...

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Kallish reaches semifinals in singles

This past weekend the men’s team competed in the Stevens Doubles Tournament at Stevens Institute of Technology while the women’s team competed in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Northeast Regional at William Smith College. At the Stevens Doubles Tournament, the Engineers faced the Ducks of Stevens Institute of Technology, the Bobcats of New York University, and the Lions of The College of New Jersey. At the ITA Northeast Regional, Rensselaer went head to head with opponents from several colleges and universities including Union College, Skidmore College, Vassar College and State University of New York Brockport. Read more...

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Protected group policy proposed

Associate Director of Union Operations Joe Campo appealed to the Rensselaer Union Executive Board on Thursday, September 22, to approve the hiring of an additional member to the Union. With Summer Arch planned for this coming summer, Campo anticipates a great increase on the use of facilities, and therefore an added strain. A new staff member, a Facilities Assistant, would assist Senior Repairs Specialist Jed McElligot in maintaining the campus facilities as well as refurbishing them. An example of the Facilities Assistant’s duties would be overseeing the painting of facilities on a yearly basis. It was acknowledged that this Facilities Assistant position would not be the only addition in response to RPI transitioning from a two-semester campus to a full-year model. However, the E-Board agreed that it was a necessary start, and approved the hiring of this new staff member unanimously. Read more...

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Editorial notebooks

Intern-esting summer fun

Taking a summer to travel is not always a bad idea

With the career fair around the corner, I am sure that internships are on everyone’s minds, but I have a message to those freshmen who are not sure what they will do this summer if an internship opportunity does not come up. First, I want to express that if you do not get an internship, do not get discouraged. Getting an internship during your freshman year is quite rare. Second, think about the positives: now you have the whole summer to do different activities and this may be your last opportunity to do so. My advice is to travel and see the world while you have the chance. Read more...

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Outing Club plans odyssey

After classes on Friday, September 23, RPI students drove to Bolton’s Landing at Lake George for the beginning-of-the-year adventure which turned out to be better than anyone could have imagined. The weather was windy and the water choppy, giving the canoers a challenge in reaching their weekend paradise—Turtle Island. After disembarking, we each found a camping spot on the island and gathered for a warm dinner around a glowing campfire. Read more...

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Close loss and tie

Men’s soccer had another tough week, suffering a 1–0 loss against Williams College and tying against tenth ranked University of Rochester 0–0. Read more...

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Start of meeting delayed due to lack of quorum

After reaching quorum, Senate learns uses of Club Management System

The Student Senate was unable to begin official business at the start of the meeting due to a lack of quorum. Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 explained that a number of senators were either in review sessions, tests, or extremely sick. Read more...

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Freshmen complete voting membership of E-Board

Committees still seeking passionate students

Hello RPI!

As I mentioned last week, the Executive Board has four new members; last Monday two voting members were confirmed by the Student Senate, and last Thursday two non-voting members were confirmed by the E-Board. So, as of last Thursday, the E-Board is officially complete! This does not mean we aren’t looking for help, however. The committees of the E-Board are always looking for interested members of the Rensselaer Union to help complete projects. The E-Board has five standing committees—Union Programs and Activities Committee, Policies Committee, Marketing Advertisement and Publicity Committee, Business Operations Committee, Union Annual Report Committee, and Student Government Communications Committee. These committees all work very hard to provide students with access to information, input on operational procedures, assistance with club outreach, and valuable campus experiences. Their work is vital in supporting the Union and a meaningful way to contribute to a student-run organization that provides so much to all students on campus. I’d ask everyone to consider joining a committee. Committee descriptions, meeting times, meeting locations, and contact info can be downloaded at Congratulations again to Ananya Murali ’20, Anissa Choiniere ’20, Majken Rasmussen ’20, and Caitlin Kennedy ’20 on their addition to the Union Executive Board! Read more...

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Club highlight

Ballroom brings dancing arts into RPI

On Saturday evening, RPI Ballroom Dance hosted its first Social Dance in the Academy Hall Auditorium. Not knowing much about the event or the club, I anticipated all of the formalities associated with ballroom dancing. The foreign atmosphere was intimidating. The night began with a lesson on the American tango, given by members of the club. After practicing the basic steps a few times over, they opened up the floor for dancing. The recommended style of dance was projected on a wall, ranging from the Lindy hop to the East Coast Swing, and music flooded the auditorium. Read more...

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Shaugher swings his way to first

RPI places fourth at Liberty League

Closing the fall season as a first place medalist after earning 147 points in the two-day Liberty League Championship tournament on the par-72 Timber Banks Golf Course in Baldwinsville, New York, senior Aaron Shaugher dominated the 18-hole course on Saturday, scoring three below par, and continued his momentum into Sunday scoring 78. His individual success propelled the Engineers to fourth place out of seven teams. Read more...

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Tuning in to D&D adventures

Starring podcast aficionado brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, along with their dad, Clint, three adventurers and one dungeon master take on the world of “Dungeons & Dragons” in The Adventure Zone. Read more...

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Saints rise above Rensselaer Engineers

Last Saturday, Rensselaer football hosted the St. Lawrence Saints on Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day at East Campus Stadium. The Engineers’ defense struggled against the plodding Saints offense that ran the ball 47 times for 185 yards and held possession of the football for more than 40 minutes of the game. However, despite over 400 yards of offense for the Saints, Rensselaer’s defense once again stood firm inside its own 20 yard-line, forcing the Saints to kick two short field goals and holding them to just 20 points in the game. This total would be enough, though, as Rensselaer managed just two touchdowns against the formidable Saints defense that stopped RPI on eight of their ten third downs and held the Engineers to just 220 yards. Read more...

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Men fifth, women seventh at Williamstown

24 schools journeyed to Williamstown, Massachusetts on Saturday for the annual Division III Purple Valley Classic hosted by Williams College. The men’s nationally ranked No. 19 team and the women’s nationally ranked No. 11 team attended, placing fifth with 112 points and seventh overall, respectively. Runners from the men’s and women’s teams at the State University of New York Geneseo both helped their teams to first place overall with 48 points and 65 points respectively. Read more...

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Women go even over weekend

Women’s Ice Hockey split 1–1 in two games over the weekend against the University of Maine, winning the season opener Saturday 3–1, and losing Sunday 2–0. Read more...

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Full issue: September 21, 2016

The Rensselaer Polytechnic September 21, 2016

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Ross addresses Assistant Vice President position

On Monday, September 12, the Save the Union movement released a statement saying that the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students position had the “responsibilities of the [Executive Director of Student Activities]... quietly added to the dean of students’ role.” Read more...

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Editorial notebooks

Relating mundane actions to life’s daily adventures

Walking back from class Thursday afternoon around 3 pm, after being let out early, I passed the Troy Building, then strolled alongside the ’86 Field as the light breeze made my ponytail sway back and forth. At this moment, there were a few other people meandering around, crossing paths with me as I continued up the staircase passing Quad and then back down a flight of stairs to cross the road while two cars coming from both directions slowed down and then stopped for me. Read more...

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