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Providing tips, advice for your eight month vacation

Make a point to attack issues with a fresh mindset

Welcome, freshmen! You’re about to go on an eight month vacation! Here’s some packing tips for embarking on your first year.

Notice how I said “vacation” instead of “new home.” Attending college is not a time to forget about your family back in the place you have known all 18 years of your life. School is a getaway, enjoy it!

To make my stay an even better one, I made sure to pack some handy objects which I had not anticipated bringing until a family friend gave them to me. Thank you Sally! In this shoe box of random, useful objects I have duct tape, a doorstopper, string, spare batteries, zip ties, electrical tape, box of crayons, a travel sized sewing kit, and extra thread.

You may be thinking to yourself, you rarely use this stuff at home, but when you do need it, you know instantly where to find it. For me, that’s a drawer in my kitchen. I think of this drawer as a “goody box” that you find yourself rummaging through a few times a year for that one object. Believe it or not I’ve used my vacation goody box way more often than that drawer at home.

The most useful object among them all is the sewing kit by far. A small rip in your pants—no problem. A small hole in your sweater you’ve worn only a few times—piece of cake. My friends even have started coming to me to get their repairs done!

As an engineer, I found myself building a necklace holder within the first week of school freshman year. Out of what you may ask? I opened the shoebox to find the perfect materials—the string and the duct tape.

When you’re packing for your vacation in a little over a month, don’t forget to bring your own goody box. Throw in whatever you find in that drawer of assorted things from your kitchen. Throw in more than you think you’ll use, because you never know what will come in handy until that moment when you actually need it.

Thanks for reading! And if you have any questions or will like to know an even extended list of what I had packed for college that I found extremely useful, shoot me an email at edop@poly.rpi.edu. Have fun, freshmen!