Protesters rally outside Troy Building to BBQ

STUDENTS HOST a cook-out barbeque outside of the Troy Building in a continuing act to protest the RPI administration.

Professor Bill Puka and students held a barbeque in front of the Troy Building last Wednesday to continue the Save the Union movement. Snow postponed the event from the originally scheduled date of Wednesday, April 6.

Posters announcing the event went up around campus in the week prior.

Sean Lewis ’19, expressed that he was glad to be part of the movement, as he wore his red Save the Union shirt.

The event had groups of students ranging from freshmen to seniors enjoying the weather, talking about school, the then upcoming elections, and more.

This event comes after the Save the Union protest that occurred on Wednesday, March 30 outside the Spring Town Meeting. Students, faculty, and alumni came together in front of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center to speak out about grievances with the Rensselaer administration.

During the March 30 protest, students packed the EMPAC Theater to hear President Shirley Ann Jackson speak and answer questions about the recently-listed Executive Director of Student Activities position and the state of Rensselaer’s finances. More information about the March 30 protest can be found at