Letter to the Editor

With respect to the Grand Marshal nominations…

I have seen some comments about the lack of a Grand Marshal endorsement by The Polytechnic. I have seen comments calling the staff pretentious and petty, and I have to agree. As a voting member of The Poly, I was completely in favor of endorsing Paul Ilori ’17 for Grand Marshal. I didn’t care that he was slightly unprofessional in his interview. I looked at his submissions and his extensive track record with student government, and I thought he was the best person for the job. I have heard first-hand accounts that when it comes down to meetings with administrators, Ilori is professional and gets the job done.

I don’t think his minor misstep during the interview should have cost him the nomination. Simply stating that he needs to work on his professionalism in the endorsement would have sufficed. Being only one member of the editorial board of The Polytechnic, I couldn’t decide this for the newspaper as a whole. As a member of The Poly, I stand by the decision of the staff; but, as an individual, I am in full support of Ilori for Grand Marshal.

Tyler Carney ’18
Contributing Editor, The Polytechnic