Union Facilities seek approval for Playhouse repairs


After a successful season of budgeting, the Executive Board opened up the first meeting of the semester to Rensselaer Union club appeals. There were no appeals for a change in budget amounts, but rather appeals for reallocation of funds. The RPI Players, represented by President Emi Phillips ’17, submitted a proposal to reallocate $549 from an account which budgets to restock consumables, such as paint, to an account that budgets for the purchase of new equipment. This submission had nothing to do with its club budgeting for the next fiscal year, but rather an issue with the budgeting for this current year’s. In a 13-0-1, with an abstention from Players member Jeremy Feldman ’16, the motion to reallocate those funds was approved.

Continuing with more Players business, Joe Campo presented to the board the inspection recommendations that were made for the RPI Playhouse. A motion to approve the facility spending of $1,800 for Playhouse rigging was proposed. After a long-needed inspection by BMI Supply, they recommended the fire curtain’s “cut-line” release to be replaced with a natural fiber release line, the manual winch to be replaced with an electric winch, the replacement of missing hardware in the rigging, the removal or redesign of obstructions, and other necessary implementations. The money being proposed for this project is being redirected from the Players’ already existing budget to a new account. The motion was approved with a 9-0-1 vote, with Feldman’s abstention once again.

Greg Bartell ’17 opened up discussion over the E-Board’s policies regarding outside services. Bartell stressed that the Policies Committee was not looking to rewrite how the Union contracts with public businesses, but looking to draw up guidelines about releasing information. It was decided that this discussion would remain tabled while a workshop about nondisclosures would be organized for the E-Board members.

Business Operations, the committee of the week, brought to the E-Board’s attention a new plan for apportioning basement space for different Union clubs. There would be an application that students would fill with pertinent information, such as an inventory of what their club would be storing there. This plan would ensure that Union-owned and club-owned equipment would not become misplaced or taken without permission. The motion to charge the BusOps Committee with establishing a procedure for renting basement space passed 13-0-0.

Along with this new plan to apportion rental space, BusOps is heading a plan to redesign the Games Room. Although students of the School of Architecture were consulted, a design contest will be opening up to the entire student body. Lastly, the BusOps Committee is encouraging students to fill out a survey concerning the Union. If you enjoy the services provided by the Union, or if you want to see things changed, go to http://poly.news/s/nl5qx/ to voice your comments, suggestions, or ideas, and for a chance to win a free sweatshirt from the Collegiate Store.