J-Court office being emptied because they have been sunsetted

DISGRACED J-COURT CHAIRMAN ANTHONY BARBIERI ’15 empties his office on the immediate orders of E-Bored.

Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Anthony Barbieri ’15 was spotted taking J-Court’s possessions out of their former office in the Student Government Suite. J-Court was formally dissolved per order of the Rensselaer Union Executive “Bored” because of their lack of on time budget submissions. When asked by a reporter of The Poly, Barbieri gave no comment and only held his head in shame.

E-Bored issued a statement saying that any club that does not submit a budget will be forced to shut down, effective immediately. In their role as the steward of student activity fees, the E-Bored stated that there are policies that all clubs have to follow, and the J-Court was not exempt.

When asked about E-Bored’s resultant overwhelming power, The Poly did not receive a response.

Disclaimer: All articles and content published on December 9, 2015 are works of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, organizations, locations, or incidents is purely coincidental.