Release of new Online Syllabus Catalog just in time for scheduling

It is my pleasure to announce that the Online Syllabus Catalog is available on the Student Information System. The syllabus catalog may be found under the “Announcements” section or at http://provost.rpi.edu/syllabus-display/. The purpose of the catalog is to assist in the selection of courses during registration by giving students access to prior syllabi which may be used to get a better idea of what a course will consist of. This information may include course content they should expect to be covered, the type of assignments that may be given, and what kind of grading plan the course may follow.

This project is the result of ongoing collaboration between the Student Senate Academic Affairs Committee, the Office of Undergraduate Education, and the Division of the Chief Information Officer. The project was directed and shaped by feedback received from students regarding the availability of information related to course content and the structure prior to and during registration.

The syllabus catalog allows for course syllabus lookup based on the department and course number or based on the faculty member, providing excellent functionality for students who may want to determine which section of a course to take or even if a course is a good fit for them.

I believe that it is important to remember that this project only offers syllabi from previous semesters, so the syllabi for current courses may vary, which may also result in some courses being unavailable in the current semester. The catalog will continue to improve as the project matures and the syllabus collection becomes more complete. I would like to urge students to utilize this service as I feel it offers valuable information regarding the registration process.

If students would like to get involved with projects similar to this, please consider attending the Academic Affairs Committee meeting, which is held on Mondays from 7–8 pm in Rensselaer Union 3150.

Spencer Scott

Graduate Student