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BREAKING: Painting of former director of the Union stolen from Union lobby

Update (8:50 am, November 25):

According to a source in the Union, after speaking with the individual who located the painting, it has been determined that the painting was found “leaning against the southeast door of the Great Room” of the Heffner Alumni House. It was not located in a dumpster as was previously believed. Read more...

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Full issue: November 18, 2015

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Paris heals after attacks

On Friday, October 13, the city of Paris, France was shaken as a series of six attacks took place throughout largely populated regions of the city. The militant Islamist group ISIL has since taken credit for the attacks, and has made it clear that the attacks were largely motivated by French foreign policy against Syrian refugees. In response, French president François Hollande has declared a nationwide state of emergency, and the country has deployed aircraft to bomb ISIL strongholds throughout the middle east. ISIL has released statements following the attacks in which they have made claims that other international cities may be potential targets for future attacks. Read more...

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Staff Editorial: Bringing us together

The Polytechnic Editorial Board is saddened to hear of the loss of lives in the tragic terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris and Beirut this past week. We extend our sincerest condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in the harrowing attacks. Read more...

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Crawl out through the Fallout in Boston

Announced only five months ago by Bethesda at E3 2015, and released on November 10, 2015, Fallout 4 easily competes for Game of the Year award. Bethesda’s last Fallout installment, Fallout 3, hit stores seven years ago, in 2008, and the last game the video game publisher released, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, dropped in 2011. The company has spent nearly seven years developing the world of the Commonwealth. This bodes well for players, as Bethesda games are most known for their enormous size and sandbox-RPG style adventures. With the expansive, immersive worlds that Fallout 3 and Skyrim offered and their at least 90 percent ratings on all game review websites, Fallout 4 proves to be the most anticipated game in years. Read more...

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Engineers banish Yale Bulldogs to doghouse

The Engineers had two challenging games this weekend against Yale and Brown on Friday and Saturday, respectively. RPI came out strong on Friday night and scored a goal within a minute and a half of the start of the first period. The goal was put up by senior Mark Miller with a snap shot from the top of the slot assisted by sophomores Drew Melanson and Lou Nanne. The goal did not go unanswered for long. It was only five minutes later that Yale’s Bulldogs tied the score 1-1 with a rush on the net. The game stayed tied for the rest of the period with only one penalty on the Engineers. The Engineers’ goalie, freshman Cam Hackett, had 15 shots put on him in the first period while Yale had 16 put on their goalie the entire game. Read more...

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President holds Town Meeting on attacks, security

FBI agents, cabinet members in attendance for meeting on Paris, increased campus safety

In response to the events that transpired in Paris last week, President Shirley Ann Jackson called for a Town Hall Meeting to be held this past Tuesday to discuss the effects the tragedy would have on the Rensselaer community. Read more...

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Swiping right on romance

Convenient app simplifies the dating process

Allow me to be frank; I have 1,500 Tinder matches. Therein lie 1,500 potential romances, or at least 1,500 people who were ambivalent enough to swipe right on me when my picture came up on their smart phone. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t something validating about the fact that a population roughly the size of my high school took time out of their day to scroll through my Facebook photos. But at the same time, I can’t help but wonder what consequence my Tinder following can possibly bear. Read more...

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Commentary on acclaimed show’s characters

Nathan’s Review

Gossip Girl casts itself as “your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” in the show’s intro, but fails to mention the integral roles of the back-stabbing vampires that are Dan and Jenny Humphrey. Read more...

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Rensselaer victory against Union is shoe-in

RPI football ended its regular season with a wire-to-wire win over Capital Region rival Union College in the Dutchman’s Shoes game on Saturday, extending its winning streak against the Dutchmen to three. Six different rushers combined for 191 yards on the ground for the Engineers and senior quarterback Jeff Avery threw for 123 yards and a score en route to a dominant 23-10 victory. Read more...

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Carletta to retire

In an e-mail to the Rensselaer Community, President Shirley Ann Jackson announced the retirement of General Counsel and Secretary of the Institute Charles Carletta, effective December 31. In his role, Carletta is the chief legal advisor for the President as well as the compliance officer for the Institute as a whole. He is also Secretary of the Board of Trustees and a member of President Jackson’s Cabinet. Carletta has worked in his current role at RPI since 2000. Read more...

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Living that new experience

A continuation of freshman college rambles

My fellow Californians can probably relate to being asked, “why would you leave California for college?” every single time they mention where they’re from. It’s harsh. It hurts to think about the possibility of being under the warm sun with beautiful beaches; Yosemite on your left, and accessible good food and tech companies on your right. Basically, any RPI student’s dream. However, I have a very simple explanation for leaving the Golden State: I’m going back for a job anyways, so I may as well take this opportunity to create as many unique experiences as possible. Read more...

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A cappella resonates

On an ominous Friday the thirteenth of Novemeber, the on-campus a cappella group, the Rensselyrics, hosted a show in the Chapel+Cultural Center entitled (Un)Lucky in Love with guest appearances by other on-campus a capella groups, Partial Credit and Duly Noted. The songs chosen for their setlist were centered around the concept of love, be it broken, fulfilled, or unrequited. Their choices varied from pop favorites, to obscure alternative; because such different categories were acknowledged, I shall review those categories separately. Read more...

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Dartmouth and Harvard defeat Rensselaer

At 7 pm, on Friday November 13, the Rensselaer women’s ice hockey team went to Hanover, NH to play against Dartmouth College. In the first period, Dartmouth started by getting a power play at 2:43 and made one shot on net, which was saved by freshman goalie Lovisa Selander. Later, RPI also got its first chance at a power play at 09:05. However, the Engineers failed to capitalize on that advantage and let Dartmouth make three shots, while RPI only had one. Dartmouth’s second chance for a power play started at 15:41; after two attempts, it finally seized the opportunity with only 26 seconds left. Dartmouth forward Lindsey Allen scored the first goal for Dartmouth with assistance from defender Eleni Tebano. During the entire game, RPI failed to organize effective offense. With a short-handed goal at 12:59 in the second period by Kennedy Ottenbreit and assisted by Hailey Noronha, a goal shot by Ailish Forfar and assisted by Allen and Laura Stacey, and a fourth goal accomplished by Brooke Ahbe and assisted by Ottenbreit and Noronha, Dartmouth finally won the game with 4-0. Read more...

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Gala celebrates Union’s past

On Saturday, November 14, the Rensselaer Union played host to the 125th Anniversary Gala which as the name suggests was the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Union. The semi-formal event was free for students to attend, and consisted of a buffet dinner; a light show, dancing, and other activities, including a photo booth. Read more...

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Student senators serve as a resource to students

Hello readers of The Poly,

If you’re a regular reader of The Poly, you already know that last week we heard a presentation from the Rensselaer Orchestra on issues they are facing in terms of facilities and equipment care. As a Senate, we responded by guiding them towards the correct channels to a solution, and multiple senators expressed interest in personally being a resource for the concerned students. Read more...

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Artist Spektor inspires

First released on June 13, 2006, Regina Spektor’s album Begin to Hope was the artist’s first to achieve widespread critical success; while the album debuted at number 70 of Billboard’s Hot 200, the hit song “Fidelity” allowed the album to peak at number 20. The album plays to a intricate, mellow, carefully worded sub-genre of indie-folk that creates a sound that’s as playful as it is personal. Spektor’s voice speaks to themes as common as falling as love and as dark as drug addiction; Begin to Hope employs such a variety of sounds and ideas that nearly any listener can find something profoundly moving. Read more...

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Meet winning streak continues for Engineers

Whether at home or away, the pool never ceases to whet the Rensselaer men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams’ thirst for victory. Not only did both teams manage to drown out the Vassar Brewers at Saturday’s home dual meet at Robison Pool, but they also sunk the Hartwick Hawks at their away dual meet on Sunday. The men scored 195.5 to Vassar’s 100.5 on Saturday, while the women’s score was 188.5–111.5. On Sunday, the women led by a margin of 87 points, winning 190–103. The men also won 151.5–142.5. Read more...

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New J-Board chairman, members appointed

Church appointed Liaison, Summer Arch discussed

The Senate confirmed the appointment of graduate senator Jen Church, current Student Government Communications Committee chairman, to the position of Senate-Executive Board Liaison and chairman of the Union Annual Report committee by a vote of 18-0-4. Church told the Senate that she would be able to taken on the added responsibilities of the new position because she already all of the Senate and Executive Board. Grand Marshal Marcus Flowers ’16 mentioned how she is currently a productive member of the Senate’s cabinet and an effective communicator. She also told the Senate she plans to step down as the Student Government Communications chairman at the end of the semester, but not before a replacement is appointment. Church encouraged freshmen and newer members of Senate to apply for the SGC position as she believed it would give them good leadership experience and crucial administrative contacts to leverage later on in their Senate careers. Read more...

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Victories galore

Past weekend one for the books

Hi RPI! I just want to throw a HUGE congratulations to the RPI sports teams this weekend! On Friday night we were able to take on Yale and go toe-to-toe to pull out a 3-2 victory in hockey. Despite a barrage of shots, freshmen Cam Hackett held strong in the goal and only let two slip by. The energy kept up as we went into our game against Brown on Saturday. This was yet another nail biter, and ultimately ended in a tie between the Engineers and the Bears. There has been a little controversy surrounding the non-goal during overtime, but, regardless, the Engineers have planted themselves firmly as the leaders of the Eastern College Athletic Conference at this time. Also on Saturday, the football team faced off against our rivals Union College for the annual Dutchman’s Shoes Game. With this year marking the 113th face-off in the rivalry, the engineers strode confidently into the longest running rivalry in New York. With a stellar performance on all sides, and even a pick-6, the Engineers were able to clinch the win 23-10 over the crying Dutchmen, and brought the shoes home. They have earned a spot in the ECAC Bowl game this Saturday against Buffalo State. Men’s and women’s swimming and diving both moved up to 4-0 in their respective undefeated seasons. Men’s soccer continued their impressive season with the fourth NCAA victory in program history as they edged out Stevens 2-1 in overtime. Great work to all our student athletes, and I wish you the best of luck as you continue your seasons. Read more...

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