RPI Cru links article, sparks internet debate

A thread created on the RPI subreddit early Tuesday morning included details about a Rensselaer Union-affiliated group’s Facebook post, and the post is causing controversy among students.

A post on the Facebook page of RPI Cru, a local chapter of the organization “committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations,” linked to an arguably controversial article written by John Wesley Reid, entitled “5 Trends Christian Millennials MUST STOP Doing.” The article details “tolerance” as the first thing that Christian millennials should stop, saying it “flies in the face of the gospel because it is apathetic both to brokenness and holiness.”

The Polytechnic reached out to the officers of RPI Cru about the post, the Reddit thread, and the ensuing discussion.

“In general, when I read the article the overarching message I took from it was that Christians shouldn’t sacrifice what they believe just for the sake of staying relevant to society,” wrote Cru Vice President Lauren Angelini ’16 in a statement. “However, I didn’t like how the author went about making his point and definitely disagreed with some of the examples he chose to bring up.”

Cru President Jeremy Ang ’16 said he “agree[s] that we as young Christians shouldn’t be afraid to stand for beliefs that are rooted in love.”

Ang went on to say, “We accept people as people regardless of their actions, political stances, sexual preference, favorite pizza flavor, whatever.” Some Reddit users felt differently about the article, however. /u/TheExtremistModerate questioned if the article was written as satire, and /u/radiantrasin simply said, “this is wrong.”

The Cru officers said the article was posted to Facebook by “an advisor to student at RPI who works with Cru.” The officers did not clarify or comment further.

“Cru represents a broad spectrum of individuals and spiritual journeys,” said Angelini. “To say that everyone in Cru would agree with everything is impossible.”

For more information about RPI Cru, visit http://crurpi.com.