Incident blotter: Dremel stolen from car at Alumni House, possible dislocated shoulder in Nugent

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Wednesday, September 9

Barton Hall
Larceny: A bike was stolen from the Barton Hall bike rack. The lock securing the bike was broken and, therefore, the bike was not locked. The bike’s owner put the lock around the bike to simulate the bike lock. The bike is lime green and has mirrors. A theft report was filed.

Friday, September 11

Heffner Alumni House Parking Lot
Burglary: A student reported a vehicular break-in between the hours of 8 pm and 6:30 am. The only item suspected stolen is $5–$10 in cash. No damage was done to the car or its windows. The owner believes that the locks were “jimmied,” and then called back to add that a Dremel tool and car emergency kit were taken from the trunk of the vehicle.

Crockett Hall
Fire Alarm: A fire alarm was activated in Crockett Hall and could not be reset. Fire Life Safety was contacted. Troy Fire Department reset the alarm.

Saturday, September 12

Crockett Hall
Injury: A student twisted an ankle earlier in the day and called to report swelling. The patient was transported to Samaritan Hospital by RPI Ambulance.

Sunday, September 13

Nugent Hall
Injury: A student slipped, fell, and possibly dislocated a shoulder, but was conscious, breathing, and alert. The patient was transported to Samaritan Hospital by RPIA.